The Rhyming Game


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How it works is you look at the sentence the person above you formed, and you create another sentence that rhymes with it. Near rhymes and slant rhymes are welcome too if someone tries to stump you with something like "orange." 


User A: "I dropped my bagel on the floor."

User B: "then my sister slammed the door.

The dog barked"

And so on and so on. 

There's also bonus points (they don't do anything, but they'll just mean I think you're super cool)

• more than one rhyme in the sentence

• your addition makes sense when added to the other person's rhyme story-wise

•using rhyming tactics other than the standard

• it flows well syllable-wise



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Well, that is a staple. But I say yeet with the sheets! And yikes, I'd avoid those creepy Victorian dolls. 

You could wonder around Walmart for a bit to cheer you up.