The weirdness of frogs

Some of (or most of) you may not believe me, but I’ve been experiencing this weird thing lately. There are these frogs outside my house that are always SUPER loud at night, to the point that my dad threatens to leave traps to kill them. I don’t want him to do this (I don’t even really like frogs but I feel bad) so one night just for the heck of it I decided to try talking to them. (Yes, talking to FROGS.) I asked them nicely to be quiet, and warned them of what my dad may do. They didn’t make a sound the rest of the night. At first I thought this was merely coincidence, but I’ve discovered that I’ll ask them to be quiet and they’ll all fall silent within a matter of seconds. It’s so weird! My mom has nicknamed me “frog whisperer” lol. Just felt like sharing my weird story ^^
Some combo of them understanding you... and them thinking you may want to eat them!

My partner and I keep a big tub of water and water plants in a shady spot of the yard, just outside the kitchen windows, just for the frogs ❤️