Themesongs: Personal, Headmates, and System-wide



In the spirit of the kintype songs thread, I thought I'd make one that's more specific to each individual. As I was trying to pick songs for the other thread, it struck me that some of the ones I wanted to use weren't necessarily kintype songs. Rather, they were something deeper, being related to our system and ourselves as beings. Hence the idea. The thread does lend itself more toward plurals/systems, but even non-plurals can still post their own personal themesongs.

If anyone has any questions about why a certain song applies, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm just too tired to write it all out right now, nor do I want to clutter things more. When posting yours, feel free to explain the meaning or mention if you'd rather leave them open to questions. :smilewolf:

Note: All of these are actual links to the music/videos in question. There's a limit of five embedded pieces of media per post, even when behind spoiler tags, so I just decided to keep it uniform.

:silhouettejapan: :japan: :japanesecastle: System-Wide:

Ken Ashcorp - Shut up and Trust This

Yumi Kawamura & Lotus Juice - Light the Fire Up in the Night - Dark Hour (Extended)

Ken Ashcorp - Crazy Chicks

(The official video captures Gazen rather well, but I don't think I should post it here, due to possible content issues.)Shoji Meguro - A Fool or Clown

Shoji Meguro - The Joker
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Beast of wind
For general it is Universe on Fire by Gloryhammer. While it is a song about space there something that speaks to my kintypes and headmate. More a theme song for me and Adela.

For my prehistoric kintypes what works in one song is Heaven in Hell by Timeless Miracle. There's just something in it that really trigger those shifts.

For my 2 other ones that makes me otherkin there's the song Army of the Night by Powerwolf that trigger easy those shifts.

For my headmate Adela or known as Firos the song for her is Gates of Hell by Timeless Miracle. It is a song she really loves.

For myself it is a bit difficult to choose but I have to say Let there be night by Powerwolf. That song is for myself again and again more then just a favorite song. It is something that really gives me a happy feeling and in a way kinda speaks to me.
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