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They're Like Family to Me

A group for other-hearted people.

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    Jun 2, 2016
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    So, I'm coming to terms with being blatantly (and sickeningly) spiritual of a person, but I think I'm understanding my otherhearted identity a bit better along with it. This may be disgustingly lovey-dovey, and I'm almost amused about how I feel this way towards dragons and not humans.

    It took a lot of introspection and rehashing of childhood memories. I was always close to dragons, they were the beginning of my creative life. Even before I was exposed to spirituality, they were there for me. I could see and feel the spirits of dragons around me; circling me, protecting me, guiding me, caring for me. I strongly feel that their impact on my personal and creative growth made me who I am.

    I don't identify as them, but I will always identify with them. I will always love them and care about each and every one of them. After all they've done for me, it feels wrong not to give them an important place in my identity, such as a heart-type. I feel that the best way I can describe my otherhearted identity is by saying that it is my way of giving back to the dragons around me who helped shape me as an individual.