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Thoughts on the "judge my kins" trend?


On certain social media platforms a new trend is to basically have other people assume things about you based on characters you 'kin with'.
Alot of the clips I've seen seem like they're using fictionkin terms for something that really isn't about being fictionkin. Like many of the video creators don't identify as that but use the terms anyways? Its odd.

I dont think it's causing any actual damage since its basically just a bunch of kids talking about what characters they relate to, but something about it just doesn't sit right with me. It doesn't really upset me its just,,,, really strange.


I've never heard of this trend, but tbh otherkin aren't very well known. Outside of the community it's just seen as a meme, so I'm not really surprised something like this exists. They don't know any terms and most likely not even what fictionkin are (besides the jokes ofc). "Being kin" with something is usually seen as "I obsess over and relate to this character so much", completely oblivious to the actual meaning or just not seeing it as anything serious


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To me, it's as substantive as asking people to make judgments about you based on your kintypes in general ("oh you're a cat so you probably like to be alone"), but perhaps in those spheres it winds up being less of a serious things since I think there's a lot of confusion about what being kin actually means. But that's circling back to the whole discussion about fictionkin vs copinglinks and the people who don't know the difference or have perhaps never heard of the latter.


Machairodont Felid
I share the same general sentiment as @Jethero about it being a judgment call based on what people assume about one's type. It is generally not substantive unless one is diving deep into the far end of the pool where they are testing portions of their identity and personality against those unaware of the exploring party's own thoughts to see if disparities arise in the two. However, that by no means sounds like what is going on here as described.

Adolescents and children are prone to taking serious concepts lightly, by no real fault of their own. Inexperience and ignorance are part of being young, never truly going away without exposure and age. They realistically know no better and if they are involved, they likely do not have a strong appreciation for it and of it yet.


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[ Mimi, Aquatic Dragon ]

Kind of meh on it, I can see why it might be fun for polykin, but when you have one kintype there isn't much you can do. It's also really fictionkin-focused.

From what I've noticed though it's more a wishkin trend. A lot of the "kin for fun" crowd is involved in that.