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Today is the 30th anniversary of Mexico's 85 earthquake

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    Today, 30 years ago, an earthquake classified as 8.0 in Ritcher scale and IX in Mercalli scale, shook Mexico City. It caused the deaths of more than 5,000 people, and left many others homeless.
    There are many stories about this earthquake. One of the most moving ones was about the Hospital Juarez. It collapsed and trapped about 400 thousand people inside. The nursery collapsed, trapping all newborn babies inside. All of them survived and were nicknamed "The miracle babies" due to surviving fro a week with no nourishment, water, warmth and any human contact at all.
    Another story was about a sewing factory, in Colonial Obrera. 150 workers were rescued alive by volunteers with their bare hands. The collapsing of the building served as proof that the working conditions were deplorable.
    A baseball stadium served as an improvised morgue so that people could identify their deceased relatives and loved ones. Most of the bodies were buried in a public burial, due to the fear that the rotting bodies could cause an epidemic.
    More than 1 million people were left within water. People feared that they may become ill due to the water, but luckily nothing happened. The only reason some people were ill was due to low hygiene in food.
    This serves as proof of how a community, and the whole world can respond and help in catastrophic events.
    Please take a moment of your time and remember all those who died, lost their homes, lost their families and loved ones
    Here is a short documentary if you are interested:
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