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So I have been a Therian since 2012. Vulture Cladotherian to be exact - only to realize I may actually just be Kith (Animal-Hearted).

As I have gotten older - I've noticed I leaned more towards Trans-Species ideas.

I wanted to fully change myself since I was younger into my own image - my current image just didn't satisfy me.
It wasn't like I was unlikable or anything - I just value total self-expression. Since my outer look doesn't fit how I feel - I feel as if I cannot live my life authentically.
Authenticity is extremely important to me, in everything I manifest.

Starting to notice how I don't really feel like I belong anywhere - even with communities I have been with for years.
Nothing feels right. I am stuck.

What are your thoughts?


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I'd say stick around as long as it's not doing you any harm. No place is going to be perfect. Even if you are kith and not therian, you still share a lot of the same experiences and can join in on the conversations. The length of time you mentioned shows that it's not just a passing phase.

Also, think about whether this is about this community specifically or if it's a general mood you are in these days. A lot of people are getting depressed with everything that is going on. Depression can make you want to curl up in a hole and hide until this all blows over, but that might make you feel worse instead of better. Try to find things that can build you back up and recharge your batteries. If you need rest, then rest, but don't stay there forever.

Deleted member 55982

True. I value your comments on this site - you give great insight.
Realizing that I may identify more with the 'Transpecies' community as opposed to Otherkin/Therian. I am settled with my Vulture identity making me Kith.
Taking this perspective - It has allowed me to take in how I feel/what I want for myself. I simply feel my human exterior is not correct.


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