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TV shows you’re watching?



So, I’ve got two seasons that are starting back up, for their second season.

The Good Doctor - follows an autistic surgical resident through his work and personal life. Having Aspergers myself, I found it interesting even so, and possibly very gripping because of that.

Midnight, Texas - a medium moves out to the town of Midnight, which seems to be the centre of all supernatural occurrences and demonic instances. The best part? Residents of the town include a vampire, a witch, angel and demon, and a weretiger (my personal favorite)

I’ve also recently finished season one of Reverie. Amazing right until the finale. Reverie is a virtual reality program that builds off your memories, allowing you to be anywhere and anything you desire. Problem is, with things that good inside the Reverie program, people were refusing to come out into reality. So they send in the main character, a hostage negotiator, to convince them to leave.



New member
Not sure if it counts or not, but I've been watching Anime Crimes Division. It's hilarious! It stars ProZD, so its got some really great anime comedy. 



It's not exactly a TV show as it isn't on TV but "Red vs Blue". As for what counts as TV shows: "BattleBots" & "Transformers" (I'm trying to watch all of Transformers). I haven't watched either of those two since I was a little kid but I still love them.



I'm not informed on what airs on television. I assume most anime does even if certain series only air in Japan.

I recently finished an anime called Flip Flappers. It made me feel weird and I'm not really sure I have an explanation for why that was.

I've been watching the on-going anime Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS and Cardfight Vanguard V. Both series are pretty good. I just have one major complaint about VRAINS, but it's the same complaint for all the Yu-Gi-Oh series in the franchise, to be honest. I hope VRAINS can save me from my jaded mindset regarding the franchise.

I recently finished High School DxD Hero as well. The DxD series can be pretty ridiculous at times, but for me, that's part of its appeal. The main character gets amazing character development.

So far, I need to figure out some other things to watch. That shouldn't be very hard. I should probably add things to my already lengthy to-watch list.



New member
Doctor Who - S9 with #12
Friends - for the third time
Frasier - for the second time
The Great British Bake Off - ran out of episodes already!
Charmed - S4



New member
well i don't really watch many tv shows since i prefer to watch youtube videos more but i have some i like to watch occasionally 

my hero academia- s3 e59

camp camp- i've finished them all

Bee and PuppyCat-i've watched them all twice 

i mean there technically not "tv shows" since i watch them online but ye



Active member
We watch almost exclusively animation, but we recently finished watching (and rewatching with our mom) the Dragon Prince and the new She-Ra! Though at the moment I'm mostly trying to finish up some podcasts. 




Active member
I'm watching Lucifer but online.

And I'm really into Cartoons and Animes.

Naruto Shippuden, Kaiji, Steins Gate, Code Breaker, Girls und Panzer 

Dragons, Phineas and Ferb, Welcome to Gravity Falls, BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Bob's Burgers



New member
This is some of my current online list:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Supernatural, Nailed It!, Aggretsuko, Back Street Dolls Goku Dolls, iZombie, Riverdale


The Addams Family (1966), The Munsters, Twilight Zone

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