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Undead Otherkin/Frostkin?

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Okay, so I am REALLY new to this whole otherkin stuff and I really need to get this off my chest.

For the past years all my friends (and myself) joked about the fact that my Body temprature is cooler than most others. You touch in anyway, it will feel like you just stepped into a blizzard - even though it is SUMMER. My skin also does a weird thing were it suddenly loses colour and gives me a paler/not very healthy look, even though my doctors always say I am fine. It evolved into a running joke about me being Undead or just a Frozen being, and while funny, I always thought myself as something different.

When I found out about otherkin I thought that maybe this is what I was looking for. So I would like to know:

Are there somekind of Undeadkin or more of a Frostkin? Since I am extremly new to this I barely know the bases so some help would be nice //



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When it comes to being kin with things there are practically no limits. Though the things your human body does can be caused by lots of things and are typically not kin related. 



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I’ll start off by saying that there’s a difference between a random but perfectly normal feature about your body, and having a nonhuman identity. Being otherkin and what have you is a non-physical experience at its core (based on identity), and so if you’re looking for things that point you towards an otherkin identity, look inside you first and see if there are feelings you have that you would label nonhuman.

Some people are just colder than others, and it’s perfectly normal and human. In fact, if you come to the conclusion you’re not otherkin, that’s perfectly fine! There’s nothing inherently special about being otherkin. But I would definitely reflect on what you’re feeling, and if what you can come up with is simply “my skin is often cold so my friends call me an Undead,” then, in my opinion (which is just one of many potential opinions), I would not view that as otherkin by itself.

Hopefully that helps!



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Physical attributes are not really indicators of being otherkin. Whether or not your human body displays attributes of your inner identity is generally just a coincidence. 

...looks like Jethero just beat me to it. 

If you feel that your inner identity is not human then you still may be otherkin. If you want to explore that side, know that it can take months or even years to figure out your kintype, if you have one. It takes a lot of introspection and self-observation. You don't just say "I'm cold so I must be undead." (There's some debate over undead kin anyway as they can be argued as still being human, just in an altered form, while others say there's enough of a fundamental difference in the experience to count it.)  This is your innermost being we're talking about here, so you want to get it right and not jump on the first thing that sounds interesting.  I mean, reptiles are cold-blooded too. There are a huge number of possibilities out there. And it is possible that if you are otherkin that the cold thing might not have anything to do with what you discover yourself to be.

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