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Unusual first words as a baby?

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I've asked myself if otherkin generally or more likely speak an unusual first word as a baby. I'm demonkin and my first word as a baby was the german word for "have" (though incorrectly spoken). I would point at things I wanted and say "Have!". Even though I'm professionally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and one of the traits associated with Autism is babies NOT pointing at things they want. What are your thoughts on this?



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Baby's first words can sometimes be pretty weird. They don't necessarily have to do anything with their personality and especially not with their identity. Most of the time it's just what their parents/caretakers say a lot, so they mimic those words as their first ones.

Mom/Dad/Mama/Papa are quite usual, as parents often refer to themselves as such when they're talking to their kid. And if a baby hears a word a lot it associates with their parents, well, it will use that as one of their first words, as those people are the baby's whole world.

Maybe your parents used a lot of "Haben" in your presence, or you quickly understood what the word meant - As it's very usual in babies to want to take things and feeling them, just to get a better understanding of the world.

I don't think there's a lot of correlation there. Babies first words depend on the upbringing and what the parents say. If your parents aren't constantly going "say daddy" or talking about themselves in third person, then the baby won't say those things. Maybe your parents spoke to you normally, and you just picked up on the word quickly?

My first word was avocado 😛



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I agree with everyone else. I don’t think someone’s kin identity really has an effect on their first words, though some’s behavior as a young child/toddler probably would be.



I do not remember my first words being ever told to me, so I wouldn't known.

however as fun fact I wanted to add I could barely talk until I was 4 years old. Until I was 4 years my speaking existed out of a few words like "cookie" and "mama" and other than that a whole lot of animalistic vocals. Especially canine like ones. My little sister was even worse, she didn't speak at all until she was 4. (She's one year younger than me). So we had our own "language" and she was honestly very smart for her age and would know what I mean and eventually make clear to my parents I wanted a cookie by example. We were a Very weird household. (I also refused to eat in my first months, had to be forcefed and scratched open my face constantly to the point my parents seriously taped mittens around my hands. 😛 ) 

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I doubt it, however it is entirely possible that otherkin have an aptitude for something at a young age that is related to their kintype. (For instance, I am glitch-hearted, and when I was a child electronics had a tendency to be glitchy/derpy when I was really emotional, and I have always had a talent with coding.)




Yeah. That was my second word. I was kissed off as a child. They shiver a tube down my throat when I was born and my reaction when it was removed is video taped, I stuck my tongue at the nurse.

I have been unhappy for a while. I would snarl and howl at people as a 10 month old.

My first word was the german word for 'shit'.

My dad thought it was pretty funny to teach me this as a first word and I think it is. We both, my dad and me, also taught it as a first word for my little sister and laughed a lot.

He was a funny great dad.

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