Update (01/12/2018)

A few more updates; yay!

  • Moods System installed.

    You can now select a mood near where you check your private messages on the site.
  • Moods will display on posts, near the bottom-center of your avatar. on profiles, and on the member-card.
  • VIP users can also edit the "Feeling" field which will display in the same spots.
  • More mood graphics will be added in the future!

[*]Date of Birth enforcement has been turned on.

  • All users will now be required to input a date of birth, including the year.
  • Once your date of birth has been set, it is locked. Your date of birth can only be changed by a member of the staff team if you set it incorrectly.

    This is necessary to prevent abuse.

[*]Your age and date of birth are only displayed to staff members.

[*]A privacy policy has been added.

[*]A bug allowing users to submit things twice has been fixed.