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Update (10-09-15)

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Oct 9, 2015.

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    Yep, it's update time again! The majority of updates made to the site this time around are pretty small, but they're certainly useful and you'll hopefully love them!


    • For a limited time, Lifetime VIP Subscriptions are back! They will disappear again the day following Halloween! Click here to purchase one!
    • New help ticket system for easier access to support.
    • We have added the following thread prefixes for "Scent Rolling": Lurking, Return. Lurking can be used if you are intending to go on a posting hiatus, and Return can be used if you are returning from a break or extended leave.
    • We have added the following thread prefixes for “The Meadow Theater” and we also now support the ability to offer commissions for both bones and real money. The thread prefixes we added are: Digital Art, Traditional Art, Writing, Poetry, Freebies, Ƀ Commissions, and $ Commissions.
    • KinBot will now respond to various prompts, and has the ability to post announcements to the chat on a schedule. This will be used when we begin having regular scheduled chats, which we will start doing in the near future. A list of KinBot commands is available here.
    • You can now join official chatrooms from the top navigation bar.
    • You now have the option to hide KinBot join/leave messages in the chatroom. This option will be under the "Options" menu in the chatroom as "Hide bot messages".
    • User-created chatrooms will now expire if they have not been used (joined or talked in) for three days. This change has been implemented in order to keep the room list less cluttered.
    • In order to help new users out, we have manually approved all users who were still awaiting email validation who have provided enough information to confirm their account is legitimate. On the same token, we have deleted accounts that were awaiting email confirmation that have not logged in in the last 90 days, this will free up usernames for those who intend to actually use the site.
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