Updates 02/17/2019

You didn't think being out of beta meant no more site updates did you? I certainly hope not! We've got quite a few new features for everyone, some bug fixes, and a small bit of maintenance done on this particular update. Enjoy~

New Features

  • Profile Privacy has been implemented; you can now choose to show your profile to the world, members only, or staff members only. 
  • Avian, Fox, Ungulate, and Big Cat emojis have been added. Thanks to @Jethero for creating them and donating them for use on Kinmunity!

    :eaglesmile: :coolfox: :angryu: :lionmale:

[*]The Kinmunity Research platform is up and running at research.kinmunity.com and we've also made a forum titled Zoology Lab for approved academic researchers to communicate with members.

  • We're currently working on the 2019 Alterhuman Community Survey and could use your suggestions!

[*]The Kinmunity Analytics system is now enabled; analytics will be kept on Kinmunity's servers and such data isn't sent to third parties like Google or Facebook. Analytics help us see how people are using the site and what we need to improve!

Bug Fixes
  • A bug preventing users with IPv6 addresses from connecting to the site in some cases has been resolved; please allow 24-48 hours for this DNS change to propagate.
  • A bug fix involving the processing of account deletion requests has been fixed.
  • Several security updates have been applied to ikari, the server that Kinmunity runs on.