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Updates 03/11/2019

New Features

  • New Donations System

    Users now receive a "Donor" tag if they donate, as long as they don't do so anonymously.
  • Users who donate more than $100 (total, doesn't have to be in a single donation) will receive a "Gold Donor" badge, and eventually, certain privileges to go with it!

[*]New Discord Integration System

  • This won't effect most users; but for new users integrating with Discord is easier.
  • Users who aren't auto-confirmed may now join our Discord server and receive limited access (subject to manual approval of join requests)
  • The system allows notifications of more than just forum posts (ex. library articles) to be announced on Discord.
  • .. more!

[*]New Lottery System

  • You can now try your luck in the KinCash lottery!
  • Jackpot starts at 5,000,000 bones!

[*]New Group Icons (thanks @Jethero!)

Minor Changes

  • Security improvements galore; you probably won't notice them, but they help protect your data!
  • Bugfixes; you'll notice them throughout your use of the site!
  • SEO Enhancements; Google will like us more!
New Staff Member

  • @Jethero has joined our team as a Guardian!
Removed Features

  • Kinnect chat service has been shut down, we recommend users join our Discord server instead.



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Community Manager
Bisexual Pride
Non-Binary Pride
Thank you! I hope everyone likes the badges, because I’m really proud of em!



Staff member
+Primal Member
I appreciate that a community may require a diverse input from those who seek its growth..or even survival in this day and age on the web with its ever changing mediums. I for one appreciate this forum resource as I am not so fluent yet at using instant messaging. As I get my bearings here I will consider a small contribution towards the bandwidth and plugins I use and all.