• Site Maintenance in progress; pardon our dust!

Updates 04/07/2019

A tiny update has been made, yay!

New Features

  • Automatic backups have been enabled.

  • The time limit for editing posts has been extended.
  • Duplicate emojis have been removed.
  • As you may have noticed when logging in, our Terms of Use have changed. By contributing content to Kinmunity, you are essentially giving us the right to display that content. Don't worry; you still own your creations!
  • Users now need to be auto-confirmed and have created at least 75 pieces of content (threads, posts, comments, articles, links, etc) in order to post in the Fun & Games forum. This has been implemented in order to ensure that quality contributions to the site continue to be made.
  • The reaction system is now disabled in the Fun & Games forum. You cannot give or receive reactions in this area. This has been implemented due to the potential for reputation spam and abuse.
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