Updates (08/08/2019)

It's update time again! Awoo~ who doesn't love a good update?

Ambassador Program

Starting today, we have launched a new program intended for administrators of other sites within the alterhuman umbrella of communities. We're calling this our ambassador program, and it grants access to a new section of Kinmunity called the embassy (available under the resources tab for approved ambassadors). Ambassador status allows administrators of notable resources within the alterhuman community to have access to specialized resources on Kinmunity developed for the purpose of assisting other resource administrators. We are continuing to expand this system, but it has launched with the following features:

  • Current Features

    Security Command - a database of known predators, trolls, spammers, and scammers.
  • Ambassador Chat - private chatroom and Discord channel for discussion between ambassadors.
  • Ambassador Forum - private forum for discussion between ambassadors.

[*]Planned Features

  • API access to Security Command - this will allow ambassadors access email addresses, IP addresses, and Discord IDs over a JSON API. In layman's terms, this allows the owners of sites that are members of our ambassador program to write scripts to automatically ban known offenders; we'll provide some, of course!
  • Ambassador Directory - this will be a special area within our links directory that lists websites participating in the program and their ambassadors. We'll give `em a featured listing too.
  • Various other resources.

Removed Features

  • KinCash System & Shop - It'll be back; it is temporarily disabled due to bugs and stability issues.

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