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Useful DIYs

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Cayto Ikooko Kan, Jul 5, 2015.

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    I figured it's be cool for people to share any useful "do it yourselfers" they know about. So this thread is for people who feel like sharing instructions on how to do things yourself, that people normally rely on going to a store to buy something or paying for a service to do.

    So I recently found out how to make my own hair gel at home. Hair gels are always either overpriced or terrible for hair and unnatural...or both. I got tired of buying the natural over priced stuff from Whole Food's ect so I looked for a way to make my own. I was sure that there was a way and I was right. You can make you own hair gel by simply doing the following:

    1. put 1/3rd cup of flax seeds into a pot.
    2. add distilled water(I just wing it, depends how thick you want the gel)
    3. Boil the seeds for about 5-7mins
    4. Once done the water should have become a very gel/snot like consistency. It's quite nasty lol.
    5. Grab a very fine strainer that won't let the seeds fall through. Pour the gel through the strainer into the container of your choice.
    6. Now you have the gel and can use it once it cools. Flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for the body and hair. The gel will contain a lot of that and actually make your hair healthier.

    To boost things up a bit you can add oils of your choice to the gel while it's still hot. Oils like virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, natural scented oils, almond oil, aragan oil. Just to name a few. For mine I used coconut oil, olive oil and sandalwood scent oil(smells great). So far it works better than anything I've used and I like that I can add what I want to it, making it my own. The only draw back is you do have to refrigerate it, but it lasts about 2 weeks or a bit more. It's way cheaper though and better for your hair. Hope you enjoy if you decide to try it.
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    • DIY Pore Mask. Get allthose nasty little blackheads in your nose and wherever else thwy may be!
    2 eggs worth of egg whites
    Tissue (uncolored tissue paper. unscented tissues. or toilet paper)
    A paintbrush or makeup brush (maybe something like that)

    If you are using tussues or toilet paper see if you can spearate the sheets i.e. separate ths two parts of thw paper to make it thin depending on what brand you are using.

    Separate the egg whites from the yolks in a bowl or just use eggwhite from a carton.

    Make sure your face is nice and clean. using processes you normally use to was your face.

    Alright this might get weird but.... Use a paintbrush, if you have one if not a makeup brush or something similar would be fine. to apply eggwhite to one part of your face at a time.

    Once the egg white is on you cover that area with the paper followed by another layer of egg white until the whole piece is saturated.

    Repeat until you cover your whole face.

    Once the mask is done find some way for you to be entertained while you wait for the mask to dry. Which depending on where you are might take about 20 minutes. (the mask is dry when it feels sort of crunchy in places and looks paper white again)

    Once dry remove the mask peeling from the sides to the center and up. If it breaks apart no big deal just continue peeling.

    Look at the weird string things on the mask and wonder why that stuff was in your face then admire how dashing you look!
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    Jun 17, 2015
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    Some really good stuff in here. Thanks for posting! I love the thread idea.

    Mine isn't as creative, but it's incredibly useful if you have a lot of cables and wires all over the house like I do.

    These bread clips are the most useful things to have around the house. You can label both sides of two of them with a unique "code" - something either arbitrary that will be recognizable on both ends of the cable, or with some minor description. "Keyb" will work for a keyboard, obviously. There isn't that much space on the clips...

    But it definitely saves you a lot of aggravation if you have to trace wires. You can hold it in place with Fun Tak so it doesn't slide all over the cable, or you can wrap a lot of any kind (at all) of tape around the end of the wire so the clip stays in place.


    Whenever I make pasta, I keep a cup and a half of the water from the after-boil of the pasta from the pot. You mix it in with the sauce with any spices that you'd like. It helps to keep the sauce from caking onto the pasta and drying out once it's been refrigerated. I have been on both sides of that fence, and I'm never going back to dry refrigerated pasta again. It doesn't have to be that way. :(
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