Just curious as to if any Otherin/Therian use Second Life or any other virtual worlds as expression?

Debating as I really don't know any other virtual worlds that allow you to be seen as your actual Kintype/identities?​

Wondering if that's something we should aim to build/create in the future? Or if there are already projects out there being made for this level of expression?​



* I know SL has a lot of beautiful animal models and etc and I think I may go back for this reason!

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I tried out Second Life for awhile but couldn't really get into it. The avatar I use here is from Warframe. This is the Inaros frame with the Horus helmet. It doesn't look anything like my kintype, but it does pay homage to it. I also sometimes played the more birdlike Zephyr frame or Titania for the flight skill. City of Heroes used to have a good character creator with animal heads, wings, tails and claws, but it no longer exists. AION used to have a good fly and glide mechanic that I liked, but the characters didn't have as much customization. 

It is something I like to try out when I get the chance, but currently, I don't know of anything that really comes close. And tendinitis limits how much I can play. 

I play a lot of animal-based games for expression, although second-life isn't my cup of tea (not a fan of having to pay money for every little thing). Something like this has always been one of my goals as an indie game developer, but I don't yet have the resources or skills to make something of that scale yet

Something that I've used in the past, but moreso because I'm a trans girl, is VRChat, since that has a really good selection of options for one's look (as long as there are people willing to make character models, there will be a virtually infinite supply of VRChat models). I've never used it for kin stuff, however (although that mainly has to deal with only suddenly realizing I'm probably kin earlier this week).



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It is interesting you note virtual worlds and places wherein avatars or characters can be created and used to express oneself. It is a bit of a trope of mine to engage in these types of activities although it is never "me" per se. The characters are always just interpretations of it.

By this I mean, for example, I will play a game wherein a great cat is an option. That in a way represents me on a fundamental level and my presentation, just that it is not me. Think of it akin to a prism, wherein if one has shown a light through it - who I am in whole - it projects a myriad of various iterations and representations. As one imagines, this is consequently a rarity.

A long, long time ago Impressive Title, Feral Heart, Warcraft, and others made for good options in this capacity but many of those are aged. Rare to begin with as I said and now mostly defunct, it is difficult to accomplish this. At the moment only Second Life comes to mind as being substantiative in that sense although having never engaged in it, I cannot begin to pretend to know. Reasonably, if that is what gives that sort of specific satisfaction for online interaction, I believe that would be a good start. In the future I suspect we will see more virtual worlds due to the prevalence of virtual reality games and their equipment becoming both more affordable, practical, and meaningful, just that we are not quite there yet.
There are several sites that allow customized avatars, like Second Life, VRChat, or Furcadia (and Garry’s Mod online servers do, to varying extents), along with a number of online games that offer limited nonhuman options (Fer.al, FeralHeart, Wolfquest, Meadow, The Endless Forest, The Isle, Ark with certain mods, limited options in World of Warcraft, etc etc). I’ve played most of these at some point, and they all have ups and downs.

Unfortunately there aren’t really any options aimed at the alterhuman community, although I know of several dragonkin who play Second Life, especially in VR mode. I’ve been thinking about trying out Second Life, but I’m sort of shy, haha. I played World of Warcraft as a Druid for many years, though, and although none of those forms were of my kintypes there was still something in them I connected with.

Oh, and agar.io! I’m likely the only person who’s played that for kin reasons - not a lot of ooze and slime kin around - but it’s a delight. I could play it for hours >_>
I just recently have been giving SecondLife a try. I've pretty much tried all the 'Virtual World's' at our disposal just for some sort of self-expression (especially as a Therian) since I am so internal. I met some really good people on there and I enjoyed being immersed. I won't be dedicating myself to it fully just yet.

Second Life is super addicting though ; I can confirm that haha.