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We Use Coins

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Oct 11, 2016.

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    As you probably already know, you can earn bones (our digital currency) by being active on the site. You also probably know that you can buy them using real money. But what you probably didn't know is that starting today, you can also buy bones using BitCoin! Bitcoin is an anonymous decentralized cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase goods and services on the internet. You can read more about bitcoins here.

    How to purchase bones using BitCoin.
    1. Hover over the "KinShop" navigation button towards the top-right of your screen.
    2. Click "[Purchase]". (or simply click here to be directed to the purchase screen.)
    3. Select the bones package you wish to purchase by clicking the "Purchase" button next to the package you want.
    4. On the transaction confirmation page, click "Pay With Stripe."
    5. Click the "Bitcoin" option and follow the instructions!
    We hope this will be a welcome addition!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.