We're no longer in beta!

As of today, February 15th, 2019, Kinmunity 2.0 is no longer considered to be in open beta. This means that the site is stable and secure enough for every-day use. It also means that most of the core functionality of the site that was available in the first incarnation of Kinmunity has been restored and is now fully operational! 

This doesn't mean that more features aren't going to be added to Kinmunity; we've still got a lot planned such as:

  • Badges (redeemable (bought with bones) and awarded (like the old trophy system))
  • More KinShop items!
  • Many more emoticons for different kintypes!
  • Kinmunity Research Platform

    Survey tool that can be used by both Kinmunity's administration and approved academic researchers.

    Kinmunity's 2018 Alterhuman Community Survey will be hosted here.

[*]Kinmunity Analytics

  • Gathering information to help improve the site, but WITHOUT sending it to third parties like Google. Privacy is awesome~

[*]much more!

With that said, the official birthday of Kinmunity 2.0 should be cited as 02/15/2019! Let's have cake! 🎂

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That’s great! 🎂

Also I have a question, I’m on mobile, how do I see the whole kinshop? I can only see the featured items and I don’t know how to access the rest of the store