What animal/mythological creature are you? (What is your otherkin/therian side)


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I'm pretty sure you can see what others identify as on their profile. Nonetheless, my kintypes are a winged (angel of spirit) wolf and a seal. 



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I'm a deity shard of Horus/Heru. I'm not the one in the myths, and not one people pray to. I just sort of follow similar patterns and have the same "spiritual DNA" as my bigger brothers. 



I mostly identify as a cat and a vampire (polykin). The amount in which the two intertwine fluctuates.

I also have a strong canid aspect which I believe to be a kithtype.



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I feel a certain affinity with kitsune, that is to say spirit foxes from Japanese myths. As they are polymorphs and represents many things, I don't relate that much to the fox part though. For the same reasons I relate to tanuki too, but in a lesser extent. Anyway my form remains very human like.