What animals do you love but have never seen?


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Are there any animals you have always loved from afar, but have never gotten the chance to see in person?

While I'm far from an expert on them, I do find myself interested in certain fish and insect species. Two of my favorites are easily the blue morpho butterfly and the luna moth. The latter actually does live in my area but I have yet to ever see a live one. (We do have a small wildlife education center here in town that houses many insect specimens but they're all dead and preserved) Maybe someday c': 



Oh boy, many many animals - basically any animal I haven't seen yet.

If I had to pick a few I'd especially love to see right now, it'd be Tasmanian devils, badgers, wolverines, and other animals such as that. They're such amazing creatures.



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Oh, there's a lot! I love obscure animals.  :ClosedGrin:

For mammals, I'd really love to see a striped hyena, bush dog, wolverine and pangolin. Also whales and dolphins (in the wild, of course). I've never seen one before.

Birds - lammergeier and wandering albatross! I'm also really interested in crows and always up for seeing new corvids.

Reptiles - reticulated python, leatherback sea turtle, and a bunch of cool little lizard species like the fire skink and thorny devil.

Amphibians - desert rain frog (peeeeep), bullfrog, and most newts and poison dart frogs too (I saw some yesterday at an aquarium and they are precious hh).

Invertebrates - all the giant arthropod species, honestly. Also! Cuttlefish and nautilus! And sea slugs! Sea slugs are amazing squishies. Oh, and horseshoe crabs!

There's also quite a few extinct animals I'd love to see, aha. Thylacine is the big one... makes me cry every time I think about what happened to them, and how close we got to being able to see them still today. Of course there's loads of prehistoric animals I'd really like to see: nimravids, for one; and... obviously dinosaurs, plus eurypterids, trilobites, ammonites, giant orthocones, anomalocarids, the big aquatic reptiles like plesiosaurs and mosasaurs, quetzalcoatlus, and the more recently extinct megafauna like mammoths, giant sloths and glyptodonts.