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what are some things you learned from video games?


New member
people usually say games cant teach you stuff, but I think some of them can! i haven't played very many but the ones i have played have definitely made my reaction time better! what have you learned from games? /(・ × ・)\



Well-known member
I've played loads of Animal Crossing New Leaf and I learned about SO many different types of bugs and fish from catching them in that game! ^-^



Celestial Draconian Queen 🌔
If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from playing video games over the years, it would have to be, let your imagination run wild! Imagination and creativity can change the world, and people, in so many ways, from scientists making inventions, to game developers creating stories and games that people will love for generations. Don’t be afraid to make new ideas, create stories, and think outside the box, as maybe you could change someone, a community, or the world one day~ ^.=.^ 🐉💡💻



New member
Playing open-world games, I learned to navigate in big cities and have my bearing where I'm meant to go.

Many shooter games helped me to react quicker and also when to sense danger and how to get out of a bad situation.

There are many benefits from video games



New member
To look at things closer as I like to look at hidden details, but overall they teach you creativity and that's so important! ♥ 



Games can definitely teach a lot of things.

My focus and reaction time is better, I can process things quickly, can spot details that other may not be able to see.. mainly learned that from games like Undertale (the boss fights and the easter eggs), FNaF, and COD. Also learned creativity, survival skills (both from Minecraft & some other things), time management, and handling money (Sims). Also learned a whole other slew of things like animal behavior, how it is in the wild, what to be careful of, patience as well as efficiency, etc. from various games, some mentioned here already.



Guitar Hero taught me a lot about rhythm and being able to do different tasks simultaneously with each hand. Most games have assisted with my hand-eye coordination, reaction time (though a lot of that came from sports as a teenager), managing resources, and navigation. I spent a lot of my childhood exploring media as opposed to socializing, and it gave me a somewhat naïve worldview, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's also made me more socially aware as I looked up to a lot of game protagonists as a child. I'm actually content being the player two in real life, too - so long as my player one is noble, passionate, and determined.   



Ink Hybrid
Staff member
Always look around corners before going around them

If it looks like a trap, it probably is

Expect the unexpected

always have a plan, a backup plan, and a backup backup plan

keep your eyes on all possible escape routes



Well-known member
Gold Donor
Genderfluid Pride
Always keep your calculator handy when you want to trade. 

Research everything. Your neighbors probably won't, so that will put you ahead. 

Failing/dying/respawning is half of the fun. Run back out there and do it again.

Watch the corners when you run though or your healer will get mad at you. 

It's good to have friends. But random strangers are unreliable. 

Take time to read the cutscene. 

Make sure you have the right tools for the job.