what are you doing for mothers day


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My mom's been so busy travelling that she told me she didn't want flowers, but I owe her a drink from Starbucks, heh. Works for me, I'd love to buy her one. She told me she mostly just wants to make sure I'm happy, and that that's enough for her for Mother's Day.

As for me as a mom, I'll just hope my cat gives me some loving headbutts.  :heartj:



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Well, considering me and my mother haven't spoken in almost a year I think, I might have to use Mother's Day as the only way to tell her I'm moving away. Was hoping to avoid it, but I'm too considerate to just move and not tell her, though that didn't stop her from doing the same. But it's whatever, I've been happier since she moved out. (Though she has probably been telling my sisters what a horrible son I am, and how I betrayed her, and was siding with her ex. *Shrugs*)

For everyone else, I hope that your Mother's Day goes far better than mine inevitably will.



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Me and my family don't care much about such days. I mean like, mothers day, fathers day, valentine day and so on... to me that feels like "publicly decreed celebration", and that's not something me or my people would jump onto. Not even christmas or birthdays are too special. They used to be in my childhood, but I'm honestly pretty much indifferent now. I rather not want to make a big fuzz about celebrating.
Having said that, my relation to my parents is very good, we'll help each other if needed any day, yet leave ourselves the freedom to live individually.