What are your favorite books and why? 📖


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So! What are your favorite books and why? 

My personal favorite educational books are called Earth’s Natural Wonders, (published with the help of the Smithsonian), and Astronomy: A Visual Guide by Ian Ripdath. I love them because they contain the most beautiful, clear, and historical pictures of certain monuments and landscapes, whilst still having tons of wonderful and educational information about the respective subject matters in them! I really, really should read them more often....

As for fantasy books, I love The Legend of Drizzt series, especially the book Timeless, because of the amazing writing and fantastic world building and character development. While on the other hand, I love The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood because of the dragons, and the mature scenes and topics, about saving the world and dragons from many different dangers. I’ve never felt such fear and emotion while reading a book, and I will warn that again, some of the violence and death scenes are a bit much, however it’s worth it for a great page turner! ^.=.^

What about y’all? ^.=.^ 🐉📖🐉



I do not really have a favorite educational bookseries but my favorite fantasy series is The Wheel of Time series of books.  It has been a while since i last read them but i very much enjoy the amount of worldbuilding that has been put into the books along with its storyline.



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My answer, at least with the one example I will give for the time being, is not an exciting one at least on the surface. If anything it is more akin to being assigned to a discipline of study yet that is just the reason I am so fond of it and the context the content touches on. Said books deal with the ideas of the psyche and what the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious, all exactly are and their contents. They interweave the ideas of religion and mythology, incorporate the idea of spiritual alchemy, review the purpose of dreams, and the creation of the self.

Said books are the various products of analytical psychology. Their contents I find very relevant to my personal exploration and musing. Better too that I discovered them after rediscovering myself and how they reflect strongly on being as I am at heart and just what it means in a investigative environment toward the psyche. The one I enjoyed most is Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

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I've read loads of stuff while I was a child, but the clear and absolute favourite is the Lord of the Rings. I've read the original green-covered German translation which is very good because it picks up Tolkien's ancient style of language, which supports the story to a great deal. My imagination power has enabled me to set myself into this story several times over; I daresay I traveled with Frodo and the others through Middle Earth, visited Rivendell and Lorien, accompanied the fellowship as Gandalf, all of this ages before the movies came out.



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I don't read a lot, unless its fanfiction here and there, usually fanfiction that I've written. My favorite book, tho, is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I first read it in high school and I read it like 5+ times before the class was done with it. I love that book. I read it so many times that I aced all tests on it and was even correcting the teacher when she got something wrong about the book.



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I've read a lot of stuff, so choosing is hard. I think I'll go with the Dresden series by Jim Butcher. 

For nonfiction I'll go with Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts, by Jeremy Naydler because it reassured me that my completely weird version of spirituality actually does have a historical basis. It took me forever to read that book because I would get a few pages in, find something that looked waaayyy to familiar and then put the book back down for awhile. 



"The Plague Dogs," definitely. I haven't read the book just yet but I've watched the movie a couple times and have only heard good things about the book. The story itself, whether film or book, is so fascinating and beautiful to me - always has been, despite it being a rather "dark" tale.



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I can't give you my number one favorite book(s) of all time as it changes like every time someone asks, but one my all time favorite book series is The Secret Of The Immortal Nicholas Flammel. I got the first book in its first day without knowing it, I was just in borders to buy some random books as a present when I was 12 and I saw it and was drawn in without realizing why. I read the whole book that night and eagerly awaited each book every year getting it as soon as it came out. 

I love the whole series passionately, but the last book kinda sucked in my opinion. It had a whole bunch of cool things I really liked but it ignored a while bunch of plot lines it  had been building up for like books. Overall the last book felt way too rushed. 

If you can, check them out, wonderful if you know world mythology and folklore. Even without that knowledge its great, but even more so if you do know. It made me actually look up a bunch of stuff while I was reading it and I learned so much and actually loved it all.

My favourite fiction series would be the Well of Souls series by Jack L Chalker.  It has people transforming into different creatures and has centaurs in it.  What else could you ask for 🤩



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Not much of a bookworm myself, if I had to pick a recent read, I did enjoy The Last Church by Graham McNeil quite a bit. A somewhat monotonous discussion between a priest and a notable personality in that universe, standing in firm opposition. I suppose it's an easily forgotten entry, but it's got something special about it in my eyes. I guess it's just the way defiance is portrayed. Normally you'd have rebellions and heroes defeating the "bad guys", but here it's just an old but goodhearted man who held on to his beliefs, no matter who or what they were opposed by. A demonstration of potent and unrelenting ambition meeting the wisdom of an ordinary human being.

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I read a lot and therefore I can't pick THIS favourite book or even this favourite writer but I have some in mind I really like and enjoyed and recommend again and again.
(I read most of my bools in English. If there is an English original I try to get it because the translations are changing some stuff too often. So half of my bookshelf is in English, the other half in German.)

The Enders Game and Enders Shadow series from Orson Scott Card really got me. Some of the most impressive books to me I've ever read and wich made me think about life and the world.

The Neuromancer trilogy of William Gibson. Best Cyberpunk books I read and he seriously characterized the cyberpunk.

'Ready Player One' from written by Ernest Cline. One of my favourite Sci-Fi books. I "devoured" it within two days.

'Storm Troopers' written by Robert A. Heinlein. A Sci-Fi book where a solder describes his training and assignments in the future in the war with aliens. It was very gripping.

The dark thrillers of Martin Cruz Smith are just great. My favourite is 'Gorki Park'. I read it several times. The detective Arkadi Series is the best. Arkadi is a dark, broken man, trying to care for his loved ones in a cruel world and trying to keep them safe plus he has to find murders because it is his job. The books are well written and exciting.

'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' are books I'ver read the most and saw all movies and Cartoons several times and watch them always again. I would say the books are my most favourite ones.

'What if' and 'Thing Explainer' from Randall Monroe. He is creating the XKCD Comics, if someone of you knows this and explains complicated science stuff very funny and easy in easy comics. Also 'What If' is full of funny and strange questions and hypothesis he got asked by ppl and he calculated and thought about scientifically what would happen and made comics out of it. It is worth reading.

'Sherlock Holmes' of Arthur Conan Doyle. I read every Story and book at least one time and can read it always again. I love the stories of Sherlock especially the old original ones.

'The lord of the Rings' and 'The Hobbit' are just awesome and are some of the best books I've ever read and would read again..

Beside that I do have some other writers I like to read most and who are my favourites.
Tom Clancy, Terry Pratchett, Lovecraft, Dan Brown, Jules Verne, Michael Crichton, Donna Leon, Ray Bradbury.

(Order does not matter, I wrote the names as they came to mind. Same with the book)



I would say maybe my current favorite book right now is Wise Blood. Flannery O'Conner does a great job of expressing some things I have trouble vocalizing.

I feel like i should read more tbh, my high school years were spent mostly in books which has played a big part in me deciding to be a writer. Anyways though, my favorite book for some time has been The Sight by David Clement-Davies (bit of an odd name but that's what it says on the book :p). I originally read it because duh, it has a wolf on the cover and I was the biggest wolfaboo as a teen. But it's a really good, emotional roller coaster of a story that kinda makes you think about life, which I really really love. It's one book I definitely take inspiration from.