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What are your favorite colors?

What are your favorite colors?

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Machairodont Felid
Golden Shield
It should come as absolutely no surprise but most everything I adorn myself with is some varying shade of brown, ranging from coyote to wood brown in nature, with the most exciting of accents I chose to be natural greens. There is something inherent about it that makes it feel "correct", especially the unconscious urge to be camouflaged and capable of blending in to the environment. My most preferred colors are those that are forms of tan, accented by brown, usually the same shades I perceive my sabertooth personification in.




Any shade of brown is perfect to me. Really not sure why I love this color so, so much (maybe because I find it to be perfect camouflage, which actually makes sense), I just always have, and undoubtedly always will adore it. As a kid I was obsessed with it and was even 100% convinced my eye color was brown even though there was no reason for me to think that other than "I love brown!!!" (Little me was so distraught to find out my eye color actually isn't brown, smh.)



Purple, silver, gold, and blue are some of my favorite colors! I used to like brown when I was very little.  Then again, I liked pink too but that was a phase for a bit when I was so little.



Active member
My absolute favorite color would be sort of a rich, forest green.  Something like this.

I don't orange though too.  Not a bright and garish shade though, more like the soft glow of a sunset


Deleted member 55098

I chose black, red, pink, and purple. But at the same time, I can appreciate pretty much any color; for me, it's more about how the colors look together. Those four are the ones that my ideal wardrobe would be in, and I'd probably incorporate them into most of the decoration in my house if I had one to myself, but I don't really limit myself in what colors I get for anything. I have a lot of things in silver and gold too, and various shades of blue/green. And I also have some white clothes, and the covers on my bed are ivory and brown (granted, I bought those when I was still trying to force myself to be a normal kid, but I still like them).



I extremely love pastel colors, especially pastel pink! Pastel pink is my all time favorite color! When I was younger, I really liked dark colors, mostly black and grey. Once I got older though, my colors spread out! I really like looked at nature colors as well. I could just stare at the trees and sky all day long!