What are your favorite movies and why? 🎥


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I’m sure everyone here has seen a movie, and with that, everyone has a favorite movie or two! The question is though, what do you like about the said movie that is inspiring, beautiful, well planned, funny, or action packed. Surely there must be something! ^.=.^

As for me personally, I love the How to Train Your Dragon series so much, not only because of the dragons, but because of the character development and the beauty of the world of dragons. I love the night fury, hiccup and his friends, the bewilderbeast, and all of the unique special abilities of each respective dragon. The series truly has come along way, and I’m very glad and happy with how everything turned out! Truly a timeless movie series! ^.=.^ 🌑🐉🌑

Another movie series I absolutely love are my choice of favorite Godzilla movies! There’s just something about the hard work and the traditional style of making special effects, combined with Godzilla and the other Kaiju themselves, that’s truly epic and wonderful. The fight scenes have little to no cgi, (nothing wrong with cgi though!), which I absolutely admire, and the amazing abilities of Godzilla and the other kaiju are always so very epic! I’m so very excited to see Godzilla: King of the Monsters on opening night! ^.=.^ 🦖💥🦖

Soooo, what about y’all? Tell me your thoughts ^.=.^ 



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Not sure if it's my favorite, but it has certainly been the one with the most impact on my life. That would be The Princess Bride. 

My friends and I used to watch it together and then quote it at each other. Later when I was dating my wife, she'd quote it at me too, and that was one of the ways I knew that we'd get along great. 

Personal favorite line: "Nonsense! You only say never because no one ever has!" 



How To Train Your Dragon: beautiful in many countless ways, from the moral to the characters, from the soundtrack to the very minute details. All of the effort in the trilogy can be clearly seen and it looks to be practically flawless. They try their best to keep continuity even if it's something so "insignificant" that most would completely miss, such as the small scars Toothless has collected over all the fights he's endured. And one of the best things to me besides all of what I just stated, is it gives genuine conflict where there is actual risk involved - characters can die, characters can get permanently injured (if that didn't happen, this trilogy wouldn't even be what it is), etc - but they still keep true to Hiccup, and everyone else's, character, and they don't go overboard. Most movies more-so aimed at children give all the characters such thick plot armor, or mess up the continuity of the character in some way when "conflict" is actually involved.

Pirates of the Caribbean: fun movies, with fun characters, who are all charming in many ways despite how they inherently come off. It's darker than most Disney movies but still keeps that lovely childish feel as they venture out, while also acknowledging the times where the movie should take itself more seriously (they also have an interestingly more accurate version of pirates - it's not 100% there, but instead of showing pirates as all-around fun swashbuckling fellows, they show them pillage, steal, kill, etc, which as far as I'm concerned is what they actually did in history, and they don't seem to hold back on this either). They also have a fleshed out backstory for Captain Jack Sparrow, not sure how many know of it, but it's amazing and in some of the movies it calls back to his backstory, which is linked in one way with the "P" branded on his arm. Once you know of it, it changes so much (or at least, it did for me).

Hacksaw Ridge: a war movie about a guy who only wanted to save lives, never to pick up a gun - this movie was truly based off a real life person and their story in the war, and it's absolutely beautiful. It shows the actual horrors of war - bloodshed, losing loved ones, what you have to risk, coming face to face with an enemy. Tells the tale of a brave and heroic man, and shows violence isn't the only option.

Plague Dogs: just a really good story in my opinion. Dark, gritty, and fascinating. Gives me a sense of hope, oddly, especially towards the ending; if you've seen the movie I assume you'll know somewhat of why I feel that way. A really bittersweet tale about two dogs just trying to find their way.



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I don't watch many movies, but I do have two favorites!

Love, Simon - Ok, so, I ADORE this movie. It's an amazing story that pretty accurately shows what it's like to be a closeted gay in an unaccepting environment. The characters all feel real and have complex motivations, thoughts, and personalities! And above all, there were FLAWS. Simon and his friends had flaws that didn't get ignored in favor of the good qualities. It made the characters feel that much more alive. The romance doesn't feel forced, and the mystery of who Blue is is really amazing. This movie really struck a chord with me, and, I gotta be honest, I cried quite a bit. (And that's no easy feat!)

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse - This movie was simply FANTASTIC! Not only was the story amazing, heartwarming, and just overwhelmingly real (I felt like I could meet these characters and just have a normal conversation. They just seemed like genuinely real, flawed people.), but the visuals are gosh dang spectacular! I was so excited to see this movie because of its mixture of comic book styles and modern animation, and I was blown away by how impressive it really was. I could talk for hours about how fantastic this movie is, but honestly, you need to see it to really experience it all.



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Rocky horror picture show, I can't fully explain why I like this one so much. It has an odd mix of shock comedy/horror (or whatever you'd consider Tim Curry dressed in drag killing freaking meatloaf to be). That and a lot of my favorite movie lines came from it (don't dream it, be it, we asked for nothing and will receive it in abundance, I'll leave you trembling with antici-

pation!) That and not to mention while I haven't been to one, a live show/ midnight movie screening seems like a blast to be at.



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There is really only one movie that I have seen that spoke to me, which is in part just part of my nature as an individual who is not supremely fond of movies as entertainment for myself. Granted it spoke very loudly because of the way the world was presented and how it related to me. That movie in particular was Inception, for all of its dreamworld and surrealism, there was nothing more comparative I knew. Many of the physics and qualities attributed to it were relatively close to what I experienced, down to the idea of layered dreams, something I had never given any thought as novel or unique until then. It helped it was by itself entertaining but the world and mechanics of it, especially the idea one could spend many lifetimes over in the dreamworld, were all very, very close to what I understood and still understand.



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My favorites for everything change every time the question is asked, but the two that I would watch over and over again that I can think of right now is Atlantis The Lost Empire, and Scott Pilgrim VS The World.

I loved Atlantis since the very first time I watched it. Its an absolutely beautiful movie, and I love so much about it. Honestly everything about it.

And with Scottt Pilgrim VS The World, yeah the graphic novels are better, but the movie is just hilarious and a great avant garde humor film. Both the movie and the books are amazing in their own rights. I wish it had been made into a tv show so it could adapt the source material more, but then again I think everything should be in t.v. show format since its just inherently better for storytelling.

There's plenty of other movies I absolutely adore, but these are the two U could think of right now.