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What are your favorite TV shows and why?.... đź“ş


Deleted member 226

Another media question for all of you! What are your favorite TV shows and why?..

The Dragon Prince has to be one of my most favorite shows of all time! Mainly because of the wonderful diversity of the characters respectively, the dragons, the lore of the world, and the designs of the landscapes! It truly is a wonderful show that is great for dragon lovers and children alike, and not to mention the show creators are great at communicating with the fandom! I can’t wait to see more episodes come out so I can see more of the glorious show and bask in it, (like a dragon lol) ^.=.^

Any nature documentary series would have to be my second favorite, due to the sheer beauty of the earth and it’s nature, the all so beautiful animals and how they live, and the amazing music that is added to the series, along with the stunning imagery and shots of the animals interacting with one another! The beauty of this earth is truly amazing, and watching any nature documentary makes you want to go out and actively protect all the beautiful places of the earth! ^.=.^

Pokemon would have to be a third favorite of mine, not only because it’s what I grew up with, but all the amazing characters, fights, and the lightheartedness of the show! It’s always something awesome when you see your favorite Pokémon on screen, and something even more amazing seeing it as a young child! ^.=.^

With my opinions said... what about you all? ^.=.^ 🤗🤗🤗



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I have to say I love anything that revolves around magic / science, with one of those cool fantasy and sci fi tweaks. Not to mention, also, that I love character development. The Librarians has one of the best arcs I've seen in regards to development. Each season feels so alive with growth.

Sadly, though, The Librarians got cancelled after the fourth season. But, it was so incredible.

So, in short, here are some of my favorites: The Magicians, The Librarians, Warehouse 13, Firefly.



Lately, I've been really enjoying Netflix's "Aggretsuko".  I haven't really seen the shorts the show came from (it's difficult to find them from a legitimate source), but the full-length episodes are certainly fantastic.  I find it to be both relatable and hilarious.  The last couple episodes of the first season seriously almost made me tear up, which I didn't expect from a show about a red panda who vents her frustrations through the power of death metal karaoke.  The second season was released a few days ago and while it feels a bit more rushed than the first, it's still thoroughly enjoyable.  My avatar on here is actually of a character from season 2 (Tadano).

I've also been enjoying "Lucifer", which I only recently started watching.  Clearly, I've been missing out though - Tom Ellis is excellent in the titular role, he's both funny and charming (something you'd expect a real life Lucifer to be if he's supposed to be tempting you).  It's odd, I'm not normally a fan of cop procedurals which is basically the type of show "Lucifer" is (and probably why I avoided it until recently), but this one greatly appeals to me.  It's probably the mild urban fantasy elements the show has to it..  I also find the chemistry between Tom Ellis and Lauren German (who plays Chloe Decker) to be excellent - they play off each other extraordinarily well.

"Bob's Burgers" is one of my favorites when I just want to relax and turn my brain off, mostly the first four seasons - it's fallen off a bit somewhat since then, though there are still some great episodes scattered in the later seasons (s5's "Tina and the Real Ghost", s7's "They Serve Horses, Don't They?").  Just a nice, feel-good animated sitcom that helps me relaxed if I'm feeling stressed out or depressed Not much else to say about this one, I suppose.  "King of the Hill" has a very similar appeal - good to watch when you need to relax.



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I'm also into sci fi and fantasy.

Naturally I look forward to Dr.Who each year. Those seasons are way too short. I like David Tennant, and of course the shows that he's been in like Jessica Jones and Good Omens. It doesn't hurt that he reminds me of a young version of my dad, all tall and lanky with that nose and adam's apple, while his personality holds a kind of fire that I relate to. 

I grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I often watched reruns of the original series with my dad. Maybe Trek didn't always live up to its high ideals, but the fact that it had ideals was important to me. 

Currently I'm in an anime phase. I've been watching more of that as I've been trying to give my gaming hand a break. I've been enjoying Attack on Titan, and Rise of the Shield Hero. Samurai Champloo is a good one for just turning the brain off and fooling around. 



I like pretty much any space sci-fi (Star Trek, Babylon 5, The Expanse, etc).   I also like a lot of animation.  I've always been interested in space travel.