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What are your favorite video games and why?... 🎮


Celestial Draconian Queen 🌔
Another media question for you all, what are your favorite video games, and how have they inspired you?...

My personal favorite video game would most definitely have to be World of Warcraft! Not only because my best friend, The Abyssal Daemonic Queen, back home on the Pinnacle of Creation is disguised as a blood elf demon hunter in the game, (We have so much fun playing lol), but also because of the amazing lore and characters of the game! The music and the zones can be absolutely stunning, and the lore of Azeroth inspires me, and sometimes reminds me of my own world and true draconian self. It’s more than a game to me, but an inspiration to my soul!... ^.=.^ 🌑🌕🌑

If I had to choose another game... It would have to be Minecraft! Just the calmness and the simplicity of the game makes it worth playing, and all the many interactions with the Non Player Characters can be really awesome and hilarious. Creativity is your greatest ally and strength in the game, and anyone can let their imagination shine through and have fun in such a wonderful sandbox game! ^.=.^ 🌳⛏🌳

In all really, video games can be more than just moving pixels on a screen to so many. They can have valuable life lessons, encourage strategy and imagination, let one loose into a calm world of imagination in hard times, and invoke the liveliness of a person greatly on any day! It’s wonderful how much work is out into a great video game, and it really should be appreciated a lot more than what game haters think! 

Tell me your thoughts friends... ^.=.^



Active member
I only game on my PC, mostly on Steam.

My favourite games are Papers Please, a border guard simulator thriller in fictiven, formerly russian country. I just love it.
Then Factorio, a complex and complicated stratetig building game with critters that will kill you and crash your factory you need to build a rocket to drive back home. I love the details and the complexity and even the complication and that you have to plan ahead everything.
BioShock a great and classic Shooter with RPG features is still one of my most loved games, the first part is the best to me because I love the Big Daddy Bouncer and it would be incredible to own one. And all the details and the music is incredible great and with love to every detail.

Also SystemShock. Half Life Series, Railroad Tycoon, Infinifactory (a bit like Factorio), Portal and Portal 2,  several complicated and veeeery complex war-stragey games e.g Hearts of Iron, other Strategy and building games when they are not soo simple. I like Kerbal Space Programm a lot. And a lot more games I can't think of right now.

Beside that I plretty like Point and Click Adventures. Dark ones like The Old CatLady and funny ones like The Night of the Rabbit or Deponia and love old pixel jump'n run games like Commander Keen, Duke Nukem.
Also logic and strategy games or just dumb and silly stuff like Divide by Sheep.

I love the complex, complicate and strategic stuff  with too many details a lot because it is a challenge and you have to learn so much until it works. Same with the old pixel jump and run games. They were a challenge, you had to practise some jumps because they weren't easy at all.  I like Shooter when they have a great story or also things like Portal, so puzzle Platformer with a good story. You have to think abou what you are going to do and can go really into it.
Point and Click adventures to me are like just listening to a good story and watching it while interacting with the characters. Like watching a good movie plus interacting with the characters xD
All this is great to learn something and to train the brain and strategic thinking and to forget the reality for some moments to get lost in the lovely details and stories.

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Shadow Dog
I've been playing runescape so heckin much the past couple of years. Specifically old school runescape, which is based off of the game from 2007. The newer version is very very different and though it's really cool to look at sometimes, doesn't nearly have the same nostalgia as old school version, and I find rs3 (newer rs) to be really confusing and overwhelming. It's like a totally different game, and from what ive heard seems very pay to win. I like the long grinds of osrs, esp playing ironman and having to do everything myself. It's really rewarding when you get stuff done, and I've made so many friends playing osrs.

I don't actively play them but my other favs are undertale and doki doki literature club. Ik they're really popular but definitely for good reasons. They're both very unique games that tell great stories and send good messages.

I'm excited for heartbound, which everyone compares to undertale but it's definitely its own game and deserves to be treated as such, not some kind of undertale copy. I'm already in love with the characters and their cute designs, and the ost is AMAZING so far! The developers are really nice and interactive with fans and it's a really cool community. I'm so excited for heartbound to be fully released, which should be soon.



Ink Hybrid
Staff member
Ehm... well.  Clearly, the first on my list is BATIM, for many obvious reasons (its my source material, lol)




The Dark Thief Of Knowledge
The video game that I love the most is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I played when I was at a bad time in my life and it is what got me and my Husband together. I will always have a special place in my heart for it.

I have plenty of other games I love, but that list is always fluctuating but Skyrim will always be too. I literally have done everything in that game. Except side with the stormcloaks I really really hate Ulfric and the whole group is being stupid and makes Nords look like the idiots the other races think they are.

A True Nord support the Empire!!!!!!!!!

*Cues the loudspeakers to start playing "The Age Of Aggresssion" as the cried of loyalty and joy from the Empire sound out*

For the Empire! For Skyrim!

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I have a variety of favorite games. It's easier to just say a genre for me. I really like FPS games because of the flow state they induce in me.



Well-known member
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Genderfluid Pride
I'm and old fart who has been gaming since the Atari 2600. I've seen many games come and go. 

Ok, more recently, my Steam records indicate that my longest play times go to Ark: Survival Evolved, particularly Scorched Earth. That just felt like home to me and the jerboas were so cute. There's also Don't Starve and Subnuatica. Honorable mentions to Rimworld and Frostpunk. I like survival strategy. 

MMOs have much longer playtimes. My wife and I played Star Wars Galaxies a lot when we first got together. We discovered quickly that paying $15 dollars a month on a game was much cheaper than going out to the movies. I played a bothan bio-engineer, can't get much more rare than that. Then there was City of Heroes, fighting from the air felt really natural to me.  Then AION, another good flying game, loved the glide mechanic there. More recently was Warframe, which is what my avatar pic is from. That's the Inaros frame with the Horus helmet, of course, but honestly I've found Nezha to be more useful in a group where I can put a shield on other players, and don't have to worry about them killing my "lunch" before I top off my health. (Also somewhat annoyed that Egyptian themed stuff is always about mummies and death. I'm not a freaking vampire either.) 

I recently got an Oculus Rift S, so now it's all Beat Saber, all the time. That's definitely a "flow state" game. If your mind gets distracted for half a second you start to miss. It's also good exercise. I've been working up a sweat and practicing my form while playing. 



Minecraft is a big one for me. There's endless possibilities of adventure and how to express yourself. You can do basically whatever you wish. It really helps that you're able to add mods, too, as that only expands your horizon. I saw someone state that if Bob Ross was still alive today, he'd surely love this game to bits, and I agree. 

Another one is How to Train Your Dragon, the game (for the Wii). Apparently there's a second one that's come out, but I've only played the original as of now. I haven't picked it up for a while though I still have it, but I remember it really being the first piece of HTTYD material (besides the movie of course) that really resonated with me and gave me a sense of.. nostalgia? Excitement? Belonging...? Something of that. I think it had a bigger effect on me than the movie, though the movie was still close, and I believe it was due to the fact that I could control the dragons myself instead of just watching them move around on screen from a safe distance. Some could say that it was the thing that really got me to first 'awaken' as a Night Fury.
  Besides that, I really enjoy it for what it is, even if the graphics, sounds, etc. aren't top-notch due to it being about a decade old at the time of writing this. It's really enjoyable regardless - you get to own dragons, design them to be (almost) whatever you want, battle them, and ride them. It's pretty dang cool, in my humble and totally unbiased opinion.

Sled Dog Saga is one that I really enjoy. The graphics are nice, it's a neat concept, it has dogs. It's a very therapeutic game for me, including the competitive aspect. It also helps me connect with my more domestic side.
  WolfQuest is another, and I think that's pretty self-explanatory, seeing as it's a purely survival-based game. Satisfies that longing and crave for the harsh wilderness to an extent, unlike SDS.

Some other games I enjoy are Detroit: Become Human and Until Dawn. I can't get enough of 'em. Usually I get bored of games pretty quickly, regardless of them being choice-based, but I'm hooked on them, mainly the former at the moment. They both help me connect to my kinside in different ways, but what I like most are the characters. If you have strong characters, you have a strong game; that's at least how my mind functions. My favorite of the two casts has to be Josh from UD, for very personal reasons; I find him very easy to connect with, as we're a lot alike in many ways - so many, that seeing him is exactly like seeing myself, just from a different universe, - which helps me cope with my mental instability.
  The games themselves are amazing in indescribable ways, and you can do so much with them - D:BH especially, as it has seemingly endless options and routes that carries weight compared to UD. The replayability factor is way up there.

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Well-known member
I really liked Minecraft too! I'm a pretty creative-minded person, so anything that gives me a lot of freedom in that regard is something I'm sure too enjoy. I like Terraria for similar reasons, as well as Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Not only does it of course have cute animal friends and general wholesomeness, but also opened up a lot of opportunities for customization that the previous games in the series really lacked. Speaking of Nintendo, I've also been a fan of the Legend of Zelda series for many years now, with Breath of the Wild and Skyward Sword (it was my first game and also I think it was a masterpiece, don't @ me) taking the cake as my favorites. In a very different direction, I also quite enjoy the Soulsborne series. ...Yes, yes, I can hear your gasps of disbelief now. "THIS girl? The one obsessed with pink cute things and is LITERALLY a fluffy cat???" Yes. Deal with it. I've taken an interest in it for quite some time before this though I didn't get the chance to ever play any of the games until December when I finally got my hands on the first Dark Souls game. It's gone about how one might expect, a challenging yet fun time. Bloodborne also holds a very special place in my heart, perhaps moreso then even I myself had previously thought.



Pikmin is by far my all time favorite game, no questions asked lol. It's a lot of fun, and even though the characters can be pretty paper-thin (in usual Nintendo fashion)  they're still loveable and I'm quite attached to them heh. Alph in particular, he's a good boy. 

As for other titles, games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Minecraft, Sims, and Zoo Tycoon 2 are all other games that I also like. ^^



I play mostly on console. PS4 currently and most often. RPG'S are my favorite type.

In order of my first/favorites it would go, LOZ - Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VIII, The Sims 2, LOZ - Twilight Princess, FFVII - Crisis Core, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2, Fallout New Vegas, TESV Skyrim, The Sims 3, The Sims 4, Fallout 4, and lastly ESO - Elder Scrolls Online.

Eventually, and hopefully soon my husband and I would like to start gaming on PC. Still, it would probably only be to play older games, at least on my part. As no new or newer games really interest me.

I tend to find what I like and stick with it forever. 👍 I still play all of those games regularly. Except Crisis Core, I'm still heartbroken because of that game. Haven't managed to play it again since. 💔



Tiers are based on my preference not what I think are the best games... Tier 1 stuff I like the very most anyways...

Tier 1 Morrowind/Mortal Kombat 11/Brawlhalla/Warframe/WOTLK era World Of Warcraft/Assassin's Creed Origin.

Reasons... MW the world, the story, the characters the game mechanics. The Khajiit especially with the Cathay that jaguar khajiit  mod. MW is the TES game I feel the least need to mod to like... I love the game mechanics in it that probably statistically annoy you. I like overcoming the miss miss miss combat, the limited magicka, being creative about cliff racers/etc. I love the wonderfully creepy, dirtier world design.

Acrobatics and jump spells are so deeply entertaining to me. I was also super fond of Vivec City and Sadrith More particularly, and I loved the alien mixture of wastelands, with swamps in some regions of Morrowind. And Mournhold/Solsthiem were icing on the cake. And I loved how vastly inhuman the Khajiit were physically that is.

MK11 I love "feeding" people to Kotal Kahn. I'm currently not very good at MK11 but when I do play good I love watching Kotal Kahn go panther mode and maul people. Motivates me to try and practice all day if I could.

Asuri enough said... Feline character with claw weapons. I quit like this game.

Valkyr I love the character her past her abilities, the Gersemi Skin. The Bastet helmet. The claw abilities. I like how much climbing and stealth there is and having a pet Kavat. Very interested in Khora too.

I love how it has all these factions fighting and the infested, and the mixture of shooting and melee. Loki, Volt and Oberon are fun but Valkyr is my favorite.

Love all the modes including assassination, defense, survival, stealth and just plain exterminate.

WOTLK was my favorite expansion. I loved being a NELF feral druid with a pet kitty following me. I liked casual dungeons, random bgs, world pvp, and just doing my thing in the open world. I liked to RP even though I wasn't super chatty. Loved Emerald Dream server the most, immersion of RP but deadly jungle feel of a world pvp server.

Assassins Creed-Bayak as Sehkmet... Run around as a black humanoid cat in an assassins creed basically in that costume, extremely fun thing to do. With the Fallout 4 cat costume mod I'd probably rank it here.

All the tier 1 stuff are games that really feed my feline therian instinct itch. Stuff like playing as a feline, climbing like one, and just general great gameplay to go with it.

Tier 2 Oblivion/Skyrim/Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Oblivion is both literally and in a lot of ways midway between Skyrim and Morrowind. I'll mod it up and play it again eventually. I liked the other TES games art style and world design frequently, but it did have a happy medium in game mechanics, and I loved the Dark Brotherhood.

Skyrim's game mechanics are so basic I have to restrict myself to an extremely specific playstyle to avoid getting bored easily... But there is a very specific personal playstyle I like, and I love watching my Khajiit sneak murder and escape basically. Bound Weapons I like to roleplay as being like bound claws, and I only like bound melee weapons in Skyrim anyways.

The world design music graphics and visual customization partially compensate for the gameplay issues.

Regardless of the game I always like to customize my character to resemble a black jaguar as closely as I can. If that's not doable for whatever reason though, I'll more than gladly substitute a similar equivalent feline species. IE Leopard, Tiger, or even Cougar or even space alien feline. A large equivalent feline is satisfactory to me to play as.

Breath Of The Wild has no playable cats in any way, but it has tons of climbing, amazing gameplay and an amazing world and story hence it gets listed here.

Tier 3 Fallout/Deus Ex/Super Mario RPG/Ocarina Of Time/Majoras Mask/Perfect Dark 64/Planetside 2/Team Fortress 2/Mario Kart on Switch/Thief Series/Dishonored/Halo 2.

These games I just plain like. Even if I can't have the character design I'd ideally want, I like the games themselves that much.

Super Mario RPG is just a nice game I have great nostalgia over. I loved Perfect Dark multiplayer and I loved it's storyline, yeah a shooters storyline.

And I was quite fond of Halo 2, my favorite part was being the Arbiter with his cloaking device and clawlike energy sword. Planetside 2 because causing chaos as an infiltrator is extremely fun and amusing.

Fallout 3 and later Fallout games for the gameplay world and claw weapons. I like the story design and gameplay Dishonored and I liked Thief Deadly Shadows a lot. Gameplay music design and story.

Deus Ex I always liked for many reasons, I started playing it cause I thought the stealth first person and cybernetics were cool and always loved the story of it. Started with Invisible War, and quite liked Human Revolution.

Team Fortress 2 maybe cause I like first person shooters, I like the ways it is "silly" I started when it was free and was blown away a free to play game was so good. I specifically liked Spy and Demoman and liked the fact it has a Furry Server. I also really liked briefly playing the more modern Pokemon games, and collecting cat Pokemon in them too.

Favorite Android Games are another thing altogether.
Those are Might And Magic Elemental Guardians, Cyberhunter, Ravensword 2, B2B Extinction, Zombie Safari, Champs, Morphite and Cats Of The Forest.

Cyber hunter just for solo competitive and similar thrill to being a Planetside 2 infiltrator but with climbing. Ravensword 2 cause it's kinda like a TES game before Acrobatics were removed, it also has stealth and an eating survival system. Morphite cause it's like a mobile free to play No Man's Sky kinda with an adorable kitty robot companion.

Might And Magic cause I like collecting digital felines, Cats Of The Forest self explanatory cat survival game that's pretty good for a modern Android game. Zombie Safari cause I think it's pretty good for a free Android game, hunting zombies and you can leave the vehicle which I like a lot. Champs all cause I like watching Jag succeed in combat.

In short I usually like videogames primarily for theriantropic reasons but it also goes a little bit deeper than that.

I like Legend Of Zelda games a lot specifically the ones I mentioned. Story music gameplay music memories all that stuff.

On the subject of WoW I like a lot about the game. I like the Feral Druid class specifically the huge world the fact even animal forms have emotes and that you can play in them all you want.

I'm somewhat conflicted about how class balance and design is handled though. And all that said atm I only have an Android S6 so I only currently play Android Games.

I think I'd probably like TES Blades but my phone is too old to run it. I think I'd like Elder Scrolls Online but last time I had a computer that could run it, it was in Beta basically if I remember right.

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