What are your personal favorite foods!... 🍏🍔🍎


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Food is something everyone needs on the daily, so why not stuff yourself with your favorites every once in a while? The question is, what are your favorite foods, and is there a specific reason for why, other than it tastes good?...

I love all kinds of fruits and vegetables! They are and have always been an important part of my diet, both here in this human existence and back home! Just the beautiful shapes and colors of the fruit, their delicious taste, and not to mention how healthy they are for you~ Some of my personal favorite fruits are strawberries, any kind of berries, apples, peaches, pears, oranges, and dragon fruit, (obviously lol). Words cannot describe how much I love fruit, and I will always love it until the day I die on this earth, and for all of eternity back home! ^.=.^ 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍌🍉🍇🍓🍈🍒🍑🥭🍍🍋🥥🥝🍅🍆🥑🥦🥬🥒🌶🌽🥕🥔🥔🥗

Other than all the lovely fruits and vegetables, I definitely love meat, including things like hamburgers, fish, shrimp, steak, hot dogs, and really anything that comes with meat! I have always respected the hunt, so therefore I always thank the animal for its sacrifice before I eat the meat on my plate, for if the animal did not give it’s life, I wouldn’t have my meal for the day. Even still however, meat is wonderful and healthy in small quantities, (depending on what kind you eat), and something wonderful to share with others~ ^.=.^ 🥩🦴🥩

 As for anything else... I’ll eat whatever dishes and recipes I find good depending on the day! Food is truly something wonderful to be grateful for, since it is such a great blessing to have everyday, gifted by the forces of nature. ^.=.^

So, what about you all? ^.=.^



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Strawberries were always my favorite fruit too, alongside bananas! Probably because those are some of the sweeter ones and I have a massive sweet tooth. Chocolate is a big fav, and anything peanut butter is my greatest weakness on this mortal coil tbh. ...Alongside maybe pasta. Especially alfredo. That's some good stuff. ❤️  I'm a big fan of seafood too, particularly any white fish and crab cakes!



My favorite foods has got to be quesadillas, burritos, and chow mein; you can do so much with them and stuff them with so many different things, they're perfect for any time of the day and for just about any diet, as well as they just taste amazing.
  As for fruit / vegetables, I'd say cranberries, blueberries, and starfruit! Cranberries are a favorite of mine as I need oral stimulation constantly and those are perfect as well as healthy, and starfruit are very juicy with an odd tang that I adore. I specifically prefer the really ripe blueberries that are tough and sour, but either way blueberries are absolutely delicious and perfect for anything.



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As part of finding myself and living up to it, over what is in the earthly realm, there was a great change of diet and physical exercise. While it was never an issue for my enjoyment of meat, I partook in too many pleasures and too much liberty in what I ate; it simply was not healthy and it was all too artificial. But when I began my process of conditioning and purifying myself, I came to discover I much preferred what I should be taking in over the things like sugars and salts that had me snared. So for approaching a decade I have been on a modified ketosis-like diet, one made up predominantly of meat and leaner red meat; almost all bison, elk, chicken, and lean beef. I cannot stomach fruit or vegetables at that, meaning I require minor supplementation, which is already present due to daily exercise.

But what meats do I love more than the rest? Primarily rotisserie chicken, ground bison and beef, and prime rib. Yet there is something to fresh meat I cannot ignore, particularly the more raw it is with red meat. Amusingly, this diet is almost identical - barring being cooked - to what large cats receive ex-situ.



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I don't have a favourite fruit or berry or vegetable.. Bananas are fine in wheat flakes, though, I ate one every morning with a bit honey in it.
Beside that, I eat apples, peach, grapes, nectarines, cantaloupe and watermelon, prunes, plums, pears... I don't care much about fruits and berries. When I see an good offer in the supermarket and know, that the insects I keep as feeders for my spiders are eating it as well, I'll buy it.
Beside this there are some vegetables I have at home always, same with berries and fruit but only because it is a part of my daily routine.
When it is well in one of my recipes, I won't change it anymore because it is well and tastes good to me. But I don't care much about it what it is. It is more the change I do not want to have. I have to have everything as always and as I KNOW it from the apperance over the consistency to the taste. So no favourite vegetables either just some I always use because of routine and because the insects eat them too.

Food I love is Sushi. I love the taste of it and how it looks. Also jasmin rice with turkey hen curry. And I could eat farfalle noodles with self made bolognese sauce and mozzarella everyday. And I like potato casserol with bacon, onions, garlic and extra cheese. I do it very seldom... But then I cook it for my flatmates and me because it is great but since it isn't very healthy I do it only once a month or so.



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Like you have no idea, I am a cheesoholic. I have loved cheese longer than I can even remember. It's one of the only foods that I love just as much as I did when I was younger.

Like I will put cheese on most everything if given the chance. A lot of cheese. And hot sauce. A lot of hot sauce.

I also love pizza, sandwiches, Hot Pockets, tacos, asada fries. Generally bad foods. I don't really like vegetables, not really anything green. I love fruits though. Except strawberries. I like them, but not that much, fair too tart for me.

As I am mostly Irish/Italian and raised on that cuisine, so I have a lifelong love for Italian foods, and meat and potatoes. 

I love most fruit, except bananas. Well I actually love bananas I'm just allergic. I really like over brewed, bitter, tea and dark chocolate. I also really like anything flower flavored!! Lavender ice cream, hibiscus drinks, rose mints. I also REALLY love sour candy, and when food is cut into cubes.

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Being Hispanic American (Mexican on my mom's side) TexMex is my absolute favorite. BBQ is also a favorite of mine. Growing up we had BBQ's every weekend during the summer. My family always took any reason to have a BBQ. Italian is a must too. Especially with a lot of bread and butter.

Other than that, I love chips. I know I eat way too much of them. Hot Cheetos are my weakness.

I always try to eat healthier every so often. Maybe one day I'll develop the discipline I need to keep it going.



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I really like pork roasts, personally! I also really like baked salmon with mac n cheese. And eggs, I love scrambled eggs so much. Fun fact; when scrambling the egg-milk mix, I like to add basil, cumin and shredded cheese to it. It's really really good like that. 

On the flip side, with foods I don't like... bird meat. Turkey, chicken, duck, I've had all of it and like none of it. Birds make better pets than meals. 

Fish like Catfish and Salmon are my favorites along with shrimp.  I like eating fruit like bananas, strawberries, peaches, pomegranate, oranges, cherries, pineapples, various melons like watermelon(sometimes), cantaloupe and grapes.  I like meats like chicken, and turkey.  I love vegetables like cauliflower, greens, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, various peppers.  Oh! I like eating tofu too.

For sweets, chocolate, mints, peanut butter, gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy peach slices, as well as ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc.  You get the idea...

For snacks, almost anything topped with fries... Like chili fries with cheese for example. Nachos even.

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I just love hot and sour soup. I especially like spicy stuff, like chili, garlic and ginger, so I will soon try cooking recipes from Sichuan cuisine. Generally, I love the food in Chinese restaurants. Other foods I find delicious are crisps (some flavors excluded), chocolate, ice cream, sweet red berries (raspberries, strawberries), pineapple and mango. And blood, I like the taste of it, but until now I have only tasted tiny drops. Tasting a bit more blood than that one day is on my bucket list.
Does my kintype cause these food preferences? Well, the blood could have something to do with it. The spicy stuff... maybe. And interestingly, many demonkin on tumblr say they like sweet stuff. But a lot of them seem to like bitter too, the only flavor I dislike.
On the other hand, many people like spicy and sweet foods. And my preference of spicy stuff can be explained well by my Autism. My sense of smell is hyposensitive, and because the smell and taste senses are connected, my sense of taste is likely a bit hyposensitive... which would lead to a fondness of spicy meals.


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Sushi and red bean buns. Unfortunately I can't get either where I live. In the town I used to live in there was a Chinese place that sold red bean buns and we would order from there sometimes, but theres no place like that here. And the only place to get sushi where I used to live was this fancy Japanese restaurant. I looked up places to get red bean buns when I visit my bf next month and theres a global market not too far from him thats supposed to sell them. Theres sushi places there too that deliver. That will be nice to have when I visit.
We like lots of sweet foods (no specific reason why), especially non-dairy chocolate and non-dairy ice cream due to allergies. Though host is a very picky eater and absolutely won't eat some fruits/vegetables but they like cooked pineapple, extremely ripe bananas, and sweet corn the best out of those due to them having a very bitter taste sensitive issue. They also really like good soup, stromboli, lasagna, mac and cheese, gluten-free bread (though they prefer gluten bread but are very rarely allowed to have that), spaghetti, oatmeal, chicken pot pie (allergy friendly one), waffles, mashed potatoes, meat pot roast, black licorice jelly beans, candy corn, chocolate logs, popcorn, crackers, potato pancakes, we could go on for entire paragraphs...
pasta and seafood are both favorites, i dont really have a one true favorite food unless you count alfredo being my favorite pasta. For sweets, cheesecake is the BEST. Just plain new york style cheesecake ❤️
gummy candy (gummy bears, gummy worms, and those gummy "twin snakes") are my favorite type of candy


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I never give this question any real thought because it highly depends on my mood.
As a zhuard, I'm obligated to say any shellfish. It is extremely satisfying for my human mind and beast-ie mind to work for a reward. Cracking and working around shells in order to get to that reward will always beat out having it right in front of me (unless I'm far too hungry for puzzles haha).


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Steak usually tops the list, but since I've learned how to grill it correctly, I'm now spoiled and won't order it from places that don't know what they're doing. Grilled shrimp is also high on the list.

My quick and easy lunch used to be bean burrito smothered in Hatch chili sauce and cheese. But then frozen burritos with chocolate granola on the side became my standard breakfast food, so having burritos twice in a row just wasn't happening. My current easy meal is stir fry bok choy and chicken over rice with chili oil sauce poured over the top. Despite how it sounds, I don't eat things that are too spicy. It should add to the flavor but not overpower everything else.

I also like customizing my hot cocoa. Sometimes I'll brew a cup of mint tea and then put the hot chocolate on top of that. Or I'll add extra cocoa powder, or vanilla, usually cinnamon and nutmeg.

My signature holiday dish is green bean casserole. That sounds boring, but I make the sauce from scratch using bacon, onions, flour, herbs and goat cheese.