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What do you do when you're sick?


Well-known member
So if you haven't heard already, I'm sick! How fun. That's why I haven't been too active this past couple of days, I've been busy wallowing in my own self-pity and nasal fluids. I've mainly passed the time by watching youtube videos and enjoying cozy sweaters.

What do you guys do to pass the time when you don't feel well? c':

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I sleep for the most part. My body gets tired when it's ill so I tend to sleep off the hours. Other than that, I don't really do anything different from what I normally do; watch YouTube videos, eat food and play video games.



New member
Generally speaking, I honestly just sleep. Sometimes I will exercise to try to kickstart the healing process, but I get pretty wicked headaches when I'm sick like that, so sleep is a must. Rest is important after all. I'm generally too tired to play or read anything, so I find myself putting on long YouTube videos that I can drift in and out of sleep to. Sometimes, when I'm not too tired to game, I go back and visit an old game from my childhood. I get oddly nostalgic when I'm sick. Probably because it reminds me of staying home from school.

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Astral skydancer
Staff member
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Asexual Pride
It would really depend on the type of sickness. In case of your typical flu, I'd just stay in-house, cook my meals as usual, hang around the computer, and maybe sleep a bit more. I almost never get headache, so usually I could at least do some surfing, posting in the forum, chatting, reading, maybe even something more productive like coding, drawing. When the flu is getting better, I'd maybe do a short walk outside or go shopping, but never exercise. If the sickness comes with fever (I rarely get any) or it's something where I can't eat what I usually eat (very, very rare), I'd have no energy and sleep more. But I also once had a kind of virus which just made me dead tired without any other symptoms. Very strange, but back then I almost exclusively slept 3 days in a row.

I never had any severe physical condition (broken leg or something), but I think in such a case, I'd stay active as far as possible.



I haven't been sick in ages, I think mostly due to working outside and not a lot of exposure to large groups of people.  When I do get sick, I usually just sleep through most of it and maybe watch some TV.