What do you think constitutes a mental shift?

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I've seen a lot of conflicting statements about what is or isnt a mental shift. Some have said it's any kind of animalistic reaction to a stimulus (eg. Growling or snapping at someone who surprises you) and others have said its practically complete immersion in your kintype's mindset (eg. No human thoughtsamd foraging for food). I know there are varying intensities possible, but I was wondering if someone could clear up the boundries of this kind of shift for me.



I believe mental shifts are quite the spectrum of experiences. There isn't a single way of how to experience them, which accounts for the answers you have received. Really, the main thing it constitutes is: shifting into a mindset less human-like and more alike one's kintype. As long as it fits that criteria, I'd say it's a form of mental shift, so both of the examples you describe fit the bill, just on different ends of the scale. There's no lower or higher threshold for strength and no minimum amount of time it has to last. 



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I would agree to @AshenFall. I think the exact way how a mental shift feels can't be generally defined, but depends quite a lot on your kintype. I've read that for many Therians, it might feel like acting more instinctively and driven by emotions rather than rational thoughts (which might be helpful or not depending on the situation). This might lead to the specific stimulus reations you mentioned. For me, mental shifting rather means connecting to a usually dormant part of my consciusness which is much more emotionally driven, and tends to look at reality from the outside. I would usually avoid social contacts at these times. M-shifting puts my brain and body in great stress, so I can't keep that state for too long.

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