What is a kin name for universes...?

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I've seen many fictionkin talking about their "canon", maybe that's what you mean? Fictionkin.com defines "canon" as follows (sic):

The source in which a fictional character or fictional species is from. A canon could be a movie, a book, a comic, or any other sort of media.
Also you could refer to the term "Multiverse", but that's something different. Wikipedia defines "Multiverse" as follows:

Hypothetical group of multiple universes including the universe in which we live



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The only term I've ever heard is "multiverse" which includes all universes. But if you mean just a single universe, I don't think there is. If its a universe for a specific canon most people just say "(Canon) universe."



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If you're talking about fictionkin specifically, I've heard "canon" and "timeline" used pretty much interchangeably. The only difference I've seen is that a "canon" is typically used to describe kin that matches the source material closely, whereas a "timeline" can divert from the source material more. 

"Canon" has always been a fictionkin-exclusive term in my experience, as otherkin and therians have no source material, but "timeline" can be used by any kintypes. It's just most commonly used by fictionkin.

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