What is kinmunity?

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I am making this post as a beginner to the otherkin community. I am actually writing an anthropology paper on the otherkin community and I am just wondering if I could learn a thing or two about what the otherkin community is and what it means to you personally. The main focus for my paper is the language used in the community so I am just wondering what sort of words are common in the otherkin community and their meaning. How are you perceived when you explain to someone when you explain that you identify as otherkin? And because of peoples perception and judgement of otherkin members, how much does your community online mean to you?


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Hello Michael! You seem to be a researcher, so I'd like to ask you to not make research inquiries to our users before having approval from our admin. As far as I know, this is not yet the case.
Please contact a staff member for this. I'll be closing this thread for the time being.
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