What is this community for?


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I'm sorry for being dumb, but I stumbled upon this community by browsing through discord. I have lost all purpose in life and have no idea what to do, amid all this virus situation. I'm trying to find something new or maybe a purpose in life. I know that sounds dumb but at this point, i think i don't care. So, what is this community for? How can i contribute?

This is a community about Otherkin. Otherkin are ppl who identify as a non-human being (animal, mythical creature etc.) because they feel they are that creature inside.



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Cheers & Welcome to Kinmunity! I recommend to read our Terminology. Most our members are falling under the otherkin, fictionkin and/or plurality umbrella, but you don't at all have to to join. We're open to anybody. If you'd like to contribute, a good start would be to tell us a bit more about yourself in the Scent Rolling subforum.