what is your favoret game?


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What is your favorite game?  It can be any game.  From capture-the-flag, to Minecraft.  Explain why you like the game and (if you remember) who first showed you the game.

I'll start,  My favorite game is either Undertale, or Ace Attorney.  They were both shown by the same person, @thatdorkybabycat, but the first time I played it was at school, on a friends phone. 🙂



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I like undertale too! Some of my other favorites are The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing New Leaf ❤️ Any game that allows creative freedom is great too, that's one of the biggest reasons I like Minecraft and Terraria so much.

There's also a somewhat lesser known game I really enjoy called Broken Reality. I never got around to beating it just yet though, I've been meaning to go back to it. (Maybe I will soon now!) It's admittedly a bit strange at times but everything in it is so beautiful and it makes my eyes happy. 😄



My favorite video game of all time when I was a kid and to this day will have to be Shadow the Hedgehog. This is primarily because it was the game that swayed me into the Sonic the Hedgehog series as well as being the game that introduced me (or re-introduced me) to my soulbond, ZackTheSerialKiller who is no doubt, Shadow the Hedgehog himself. On top of that, it's the game my fictotype, Maria Robotnik can be found in.

The Shadow the Hedgehog game was basically my childhood. I would play it over and over constantly, even remembering a lot of the dialog by heart as I would recite scenes. I've beat the game a multitude of times, got perfect scores on every level and even beat hard mode. I couldn't get all the keys though as they were hard to find but, nevertheless, I had fun. I loved Shadow in this game because he could be "evil"; the way I miss him being. Nothing like how he is now of days, excluding the Sonic Boom show where he almost destroyed the universe.

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