What is your favorite kind of pizza?


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I just ate pizza and it was delicious! How do you guys feel about pizza, do you like it? I usually get a custom one that's been my favorite ever since the first bite:

  • garlic and herb crust
  • white sauce
  • chicken
  • onions
  • buffalo sauce drizzle

What's your favorite kind? ^-^



Cheese, maybe with pepperoni. Garlic with it can be pretty good, too.



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When I was younger, I loved all sorts of pizza - especially tuna and frutti di mare. But I don't eat pre-made pizza since years for health reasons - those things feature wicked amounts of calories, you know? Hence, if I have pizza today, I'll make it myself all from scratch. And that's a science on it's own. I'd always go Neapolitan style: cold-aged dough only made from flour, water, salt and yeast. Tomato sauce, garlic, basil, and low-fat mozzarella topping. Basically a margarita. If I want it more fancy, I add some ham, tuna, or onions.

But what finally flashed me was visiting "Da Michele" in Naples. The pizza home-town and absolute pinnacle of pizza creation. Had a straight margarita there and it was so awesome! The dough is roasty and bready but very soft (the crust won't break if you bend it), and the topping is gooey, it runs down your fingers while eating. The taste is just a perfect balance between bright tomato and silk mozzarella. It's usually not eaten sliced, but rather "rolled" because the slices would bend and the topping would drop down. Everything other than this is.. well, a nice "pie" maybe, but I'd not call it "pizza" anymore. I try to get as close as possible to this with my homemade stuff, but the problem is the oven. I do own a tuned pizza maker which would run about 400°C and do the pizza in 60-90 seconds, but that's still not enough to produce the signature "leopard spotting".

Here, this is how pizza should look like (I didn't make that one, mind you, it's from da Michele):

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Call me an American, but my favorite is mac and cheese pizza. I'm not big on red meat, so before now my favorite was regular cheese, but a few years ago I tried some mac and cheese and it's hard to go back to plain cheese now 😹



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Call me an American, but my favorite is mac and cheese pizza. I'm not big on red meat, so before now my favorite was regular cheese, but a few years ago I tried some mac and cheese and it's hard to go back to plain cheese now 😹
Sadly I have yet to try one, but as a massive cheese lover myself I'll be putting it on my list!

I'm not a big pizza eater but today I got some pizza with just roasted garlic and extra cheese, and it was the actual best slice of pizza I've ever put in my mouth. I wish I'd gotten stuffed crust but I could only get it on the large pizzas and I can't eat a large from that place by myself!



Zack: "Maria and I like all kinds of pizza but our favorites would have to be of the meat lovers variety. We both like pineapple-chicken, BBQ sauce, pizza with buffalo chicken, Greek, cheeseburger style, and sardines I mean anchovies (but sardines on top sound good as well to us). Of course, you cannot forget the traditional pizza!"

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How fitting as I was shopping around for a new authentic brick oven pizza spot in my town yesterday (there's a lot).  I'm not one for the fast food stuff..

I have my two favorites: white slice and margarita 



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Thick crust, bacon, pepperoni, pineapple, black olives, jalepenos, extra cheese, grilled chicken with hot sauce. 

One; now I want pizza, and two; I really love meat, cheese, and bread so I sometimes make calzones like this and they're so good. Honestly calzones are about as good as pizza to me.



After having to stop eating dairy pizza was something I REALLY missed. But now I just load it up with vegetables.  Non-dairy cheese is okay, and I don't mind it. As a kid it was always "stuffed crust with ham and cheese".  Now it's basically any vegetable except maybe mushrooms and extra spicy peppers, hah. Just pack as much flavor into that as you can. Seasoned crusts are great, too.  Except pineapple. I don't think I ever MINDED it but after having to eat three-day-old pineapple pizza at one point in my life, never again. 

Mmmm pizza. ❤️



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I usually order sausage, pepperoni, mushroom and onion. 

However when I was on vacation I had a calzone that had canadian bacon, artichoke hearts, garlic and red onion. That was really good. 

Of course, the best pizza ever was when I was little and my dad made the dough from scratch. They don't even sell that brand of pizza sauce anymore so I can't recreate it. 



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I used to only enjoy plain cheese pizza but I found out I love two other ones just as much!

  • Deep dish with tomatoes and basil
  • Shrimp pizza