What is your greatest strength?... 🔥


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Everyone has a greatest strength, that makes one unique and helps one get through the bad times! Everyone here is always awesome in my eyes, and I’m absolutely certain everyone here has a beautiful strength or two! ^.=.^

My greatest strength in this earth is probably the will to help and care for others, since I always have a passion for helping others feel happy and worth it. I’m sure it comes from my affinity with all emotions as my true draconian heart. I’m always willing to help someone out, and hence my inbox is always open to anyone who is in need! 🌸

Tell me your strengths! ^.=.^



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The greatest strength I possess and which I am sought out for is that of counsel. My role in life is the wiseman and the sage, the person to whom the hero of the narrative comes to in order to receive guidance, the transmission of knowledge. I am the one beside the king, who they rely on when they know not what to do or worse, are uncertain just what to do. While many envy being the focal point, the center of attention, I prefer to be the one who speaks wisdom and truth into the world so that the focus might do as it must. It is a wonderful boon despite it being a curse too, that while I guide and exemplify an ideal or concept, others benefit from it and I gain little appreciation or reward in return. But what makes it so important is that I move the narrative onward, so that we may all progress; that it is not about me but the collective of the "us".

I am quite proud of it, in my brief existence here as man I have provided no shortage of better alternatives and learning to people, even to those who did not want to learn. In many ways this has come at cost to myself when framed in totality, but just as much as I am the wiseman, so too am I the wounded healer and the magician, in my own right a king as the great father. It is my responsibility to do these things and that is what makes my power of counsel so purposeful and great. Fortunate am I to have purpose and embraced it in life, even if it is not the one that is highlighted.



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I would say my ability to work through crisis and my determination. My family is a line of social workers, veterans, police officers, and the like, so working with a clear head during a crisis is something that comes naturally to me. I am rarely panicky when things start to get stressful or chaotic as I am really just too occupied with trying to find the solution to be panicky. I also have a very ingrained "mind over matter" mentality. When I am determined to do something, my physical limitations won't get in the way unless I can't physically move. This often leads to some mess ups like going to hard working out and hurting myself, but it as also helped me in many a situation. 



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I suppose mine would have to be my creative eye. I was often praised for being able to find beauty in the small things and over time that seems to have expanded, seeing nearly everything with beautiful and/or artistic potential. 



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Hm, difficult to answer, but in my case I guess it would be a certain kind of fighting spirit. To be precise, the ability to fight for a goal I'm convinced of. No matter how long it takes to get there, no matter how many times I get struck down, no matter what it needs. If I really, really want to go somewhere, I'll go through any extent. Determination, endurance, self motivation, planning, consistency... all of those are secondary abilities and strenghts per se, but they only enable this bigger one.

Guess the best example is my current job. I fought a lot for getting an engineering job in the renewable energy sector, because I really wanted to combine my urge to somehow contribute to nature conservation and my technical skills, to the best of my current possibilities. I didn't take a too direct path to get there, it took me years and I was struck back badly at least twice, but never gave up the goal until having succeeded.

I've been having a few smaller goals of that level, some are achieved, some are in progress, but there are not many. Guess the goal of staying healthy and getting stronger is one of them. Maybe another one is finding out everything about my true self, and becoming more myself again. I'm on this only since about 6 months but I'm putting much effort in and I consider this of extreme importance.

My greatest strength would be problem solving.  I have always been good at looking at a problem and coming up with a solution.  This came in handy during my IT career and when building my house.  It's also useful in my current career of farrier.



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My greatest strength is my dedication to my family and adopted friends. My strength comes from them as well. I am the calm and stable pillar that they lean against. If it is within my power, I make sure they have what they need. 

Probably my ability to take advantage of all the "loopholes" in my worrying. Doesn't sound like much of a strength, more like a coping mechanism, but it's gotten me out of sticky situations. Here's what I mean:

Normally, I worry. A lot. Almost nonstop. I'm like the symbol of the rabbit, with this constant awareness that something could go wrong, and this ever present need to seek out security from those things. I used to not admit this to myself, but lately I've had no choice, been kind of cornered into admitting it through self-reflection. I worry sick over even minor things like going to the DMV to get paperwork done or taking a test I can retake anyway. (By the way, I did both of those things today, and it turned out just fine. 🙂 ) I've worried to the point of getting physically sick before (oh fun fact, did you know cormorants sometimes vomit when confronted with danger?) I'm naturally cautious. Most things I do have been thoroughly thought out and planned even if it looks spontaneous. I have backup plans. People have gotten frustrated with me for taking too long on jobs because I wanted to ensure they were done right.

But at the same time, this means I'm almost always prepared. I don't let my worrying hold me back even though it is intense and sometimes overwhelming. I always have a plan. I always have a way out of a bad situation. In fact, the fact that I'm always worrying also means that I'm always looking for new ways to handle problems. I always either have the things I need or I can find a way to get them. (Just like today...went all prepared for my paperwork -you know the DMV, always needing some extra piece of paper- and turns out they wouldn't take one of my proofs of residence, but I thought quickly and managed to get a workaround.) There's always a "what if."

Along with that, I have a few other tools for dealing with fear, anxiety, and worry. The same feeling can be reconstructed into excitement, at least for me. The "what if" can be turned from worries about what might go wrong, into a curiosity, a "what if...I look in that box? what if...I do that thing? what if...I go there?" Danger becomes an opportunity for adventure. The unknown becomes an opportunity to find freedom and excitement. I have a fear of failing and getting hurt, and a fear of being trapped and stagnant, at the same time. Because one of my "in the moment" coping mechanisms is to use humor to deflect, a misfortune can sometimes be an opportunity for humor. (It doesn't always work, but it can. I still don't go looking for misfortune just for the laughs.) I contradict myself. I have a desire for stability and security, but also a desire for adventure and new experiences. Those things clash a lot, but sometimes work together. A new adventure can show me a new angle I wouldn't have thought of otherwise, which can lead me to greater security later. Don't ask me to explain how it works because I don't know, it just does.

So, in my case, my weakness is my strength.

Sorry for the novel, but I've been thinking about this a lot lately and a tiny post turned into me spilling all the beans.



My greatest strength is probably my dedication to help people and how easy I can understand the situations of others. I've tried my best to help people in tough situations for a long time, even if that did become my downfall in the end (I went to extreme lengths I shouldn't go to and it essentially drained me), and it's really easy for me to do this because I'm very intensely an empath.