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What makes you feel alive?


(I am not aware if a thread like this one is already written..)

I had to think about the question of what makes me feel alive, in which situations am I alive. At first I thought it was such a simple question of a friend of mine, but I had to say it was not that easy for me to answer...I recognized that I'm "sleeping" most of the day and only in rare moments feel really alive.

I think for me music and sports makes me feel alive. The last time I felt alive was when I was running though a little park some time ago.

What makes you feel alive? 
In which situation did you feel alive the last time?

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What makes me feel truely alive is running through the snow on a snowy day. As the small white flakes fall around me, the feeling of the white haze around me makes me want to howl (Im a wolf therian) And doing this makes me feel very in touch with my wolf side.

I find it quite ironic, as I am not a fit person, but running and getting a hit of adrenaline makes me feel super alive. Especially when I have to chase down the cat at night, after the little ninja manages to sneak out of the house (he's territorial at night, and we don't want him passing FIV to other cats. It's bad enough someone let their feline friend out that had FIV, and we don't want that same sadness and shorter lifespan for other people's cats).



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I don’t really feel awake and “alive” very often either. 😕

I most often feel it outdoors in the summer when I don’t have to wear shoes, when I get to climb on something (again, in warm weather), or when I’m exploring a wooded area where I can find treasure (i.e. cool rocks, cool sticks). Or a body of water with small islands on it! Especially if I can climb over it on a branch.



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High voltage energy work makes me feel the most alive. It's the feeling of merging with the world around me, feeling the various energies as part of myself, and it's just all bright and beautiful. Unfortunately, it also takes a lot out of me and I can't do it as often as I'd like. 

Other times, it's when the weather is warm and sunny and the breeze is blowing just right. I feel like I should be able to just lift off and enjoy the sky. 

Sometimes it's not really anything in particular, just a regular day when I happen to be feeling good. 

I feel most alive when I'm running around in nature with my friends. Between being active and being with the people I care for the most, it just really ignites that part of me.



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Oh I love this topic! Thank you and thank you all for sharing!
I am alive when I am not indoors! I am alive when I am in close contact with another Being! I am alive when I am aware of my buddhanature and the presence of Goddess! I am alive when I am mindful of my breath! I am alive when I am drinking water (omg water is SO GOOD)!

I do still have dissociative moments, but those are mostly relegated to stress and boredom. I like to think that I don't get bored, but I do. Bored is mostly an expression of Lonely. Sometimes I lose sight of the billions of lifeforms alive as part of my being in every moment, that my breath is shared with every other breathing thing, that my magnetic energy is closely linked to Earth's and all the stars and other planets and other beings.

For my own health I basically need to go tf outside as soon as I wake up lol.



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I feel alive when I put on my tail and go run outside. Sometimes to feel alive I put on music and just sit and let the music flow through me.

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Now that I think of it, I have never truly felt alive. I don't understand what that even means. I think I am only alive in an observable sense. 



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What makes you feel alive? 

In which situation did you feel alive the last time?
Feeling tiger energy makes me feel alive; the more intense, the better.  Mental shifts do much of the same.  On a related chord, anything that makes me feel closer to tigers also brings a sensation of being alive (i.e. being around them physically, seeing them on video, engaging in meditative communion with them, etc.)  Other things that make me feel alive are threatening situations or matters of survival, though who knows if that's related to therian aspects or not.



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Exploring large canyons or deserts, wading in creeks in the forest, the gust of wind during a nighttime stroll, light rain when the sun is still shining.



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Being with my friends. Going somewhere with them, playing video games with them, or just talking. You know a friendship is good when you can hang out and talk until 5 am without realizing it's so late. That's what makes me feel alive, that's what reminds me I'm a real person on this Earth and I matter. Just having people I can trust to care about me without being anxious that they don't like me like I am with everyone else.



Looking at microwaves cooking something strangely enough, something about microwaves is satisfying.
I have some good memories of when i was younger unable to reach the microwave and i would pull up a chair and stand on it to reach it.



Reading books makes me feel alive and writing sometimes does the same thing.



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I have a good zest for life I'd say. I didn't always as I am a naturally pessimistic person. It has been a long journey, but now I look for the good in most everything. I love my job, I am a vet tech so my job is helping animals (even though they don't always like it) and I feel alive when working. I feel alive when being outside, especially now with the spring sun shining bright. Life is so rare and beautiful, and it deserves to be valued.