what normal clothing makes you fell more like/closer to your therio/kintypes?

i usually wear over sized sweaters and hoodies to give me the feeling of being big and floofy like my lynx-kin, occasionally ill wear a pair of fursuit gloves that i made but i dont think that counts as "normal" clothing, or ill wear something light and flowy thatll make me feel close to my feathered dragon-kin, wearing a bathing suit or something silky makes me feel closer to my otter-kin

I like wearing colors associated with my theriotypes like shades of blacks and browns. If I want to feel more like my hawk theriotype, I'll wear loose, flow-y clothing like shawls. If I want to feel more like my wolf theriotype, I find it most fitting to wear something that simulates fur. 



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Honestly looking forward to the day I can walk around the house without a shirt, without it being awkward or cold. If I must wear shoes, sandals are good, if not sandals then thin soles so I can feel the ground. 

In winter I go for large frumpy sweaters to simulate that feather floof. 



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Heavy jackets with fur on the inside, bracelets, rings, necklaces, fur stuff, crazy hair (not clothing but yee), jeans, tennis shoes Practically anything that is fluffy or somewhat Nordic vibing or anything loose and big. (I kinda also have to wear big stuff because my arm size is decently big due to muscle and I do weigh a decent bit but it's mainly muscle too)



long skirts, fun sleeves, and not normal per-say but a pair of resin horns that i have! generally my favorite outfits are all appropriate for moonlit faerie balls with lots of tea and dancing.



Usually big hoodies and my tail really. Usually I'll wear multiple layers as well, because it gives me the feeling of a thick fluffy coat of fur.

Chokers and ripped clothing, like jeans or shirts. The chokers give me that same canine feeling that my collars (part of my gear, like my tail) give me. As for the ripped clothing, they give that fierce, fighting kind of dominant feel to them. I also like layering oversized sweaters and hoodies, as they give me that warm, insulated feeling that having thick fur would give.



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Great question!

I like to wear loose-fitting warm-weather clothing, no shoes. Especially swim shorts—that way I can climb, walk, and swim without having to go inside and make a formal change of clothes—I can just exist! (I’m still afraid to be seen if I’m not wearing a shirt, though, which means sad, soggy t-shirts after swimming.)

If I have to wear shoes, I’ll wear flip flops. I dislike closed shoes—it’s like wearing thick leather mittens with no thumbs!

I'm very lucky that the only costs of dressing in kinnish ways is that I get some odd looks. I also get asked if I'm Amish a lot. I am not Amish. lol. Cute dresses, but not a ton of color choices!
I wear a lot of natural fibers and have recently fallen in love with a voile chemise that I wear under basically everything. So nice, air-thin white chemise with puff shoulders and fit sleeves, a knee or calf length overdress, some artistic jewelry, and my elf ears and there I'm set!



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Lots of green and black, I feel most comfortable in those colors. My tail, flannels or massive hoodies and chains. So, a lot of punk based clothing is comfortable for me.