what normal clothing makes you fell more like/closer to your therio/kintypes?


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I wear different things for my different animals for my horse I wear gray hoodies and dull clothes for my wolf it’s the same thing but looser and that is easy because I am very scarily skinny(not my choice I just don’t gain weight) and for my dog I were bright yellow tops and try to wear a pink skirt or bright shorts 

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Black all the way. Black hoodies, black gym-pants, black shirts, you name it. It's a little gothic, but I was mostly black as a dragon so it helps me feel like my past self.

I have a couple of slogan t-shirts from cafepress that are theriotype specific, I got it from a shop aimed at ape enthusiasts and zookeepers etc, rather obscure stuff but I like them. Part of me hope someone gets it, and the rest of me finds myself in high spirits when wearing them. There are a couple more shirts I hope to buy one day from that shop. 


Bit of a cheeky one but it's SUPER SRS SCIENCE or atleast that's my excuse (it's meant to be grey but the walls in that room are bright orange :p)




This is the back of the second shirt with the shop name and website. They also sell orangutan shirts with "red ape tribe" written on the back. 



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Loose, flowy clothes and oversized fuzzy sweaters. Sometimes I'll wear chokers to give off that canine vibe. 

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I've got a sequin vest that is absolutely over the top and make me become straight up a disco ball if light hits me. I have no idea which side of me it pleases, but it definitely makes me shifty and happy. Most things glittery do, so I think it's a general trait of mine that just also participate in nonhuman shifts lol.



It’s a little difficult to dress closer to my fictotype considering I was a massive alien robot haha

Nonetheless, I do lean towards warmer colors, especially pinks, as my paint job was this red-pink color.

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A lot of black as I'm a black wolf. I usually wear a black shirt and jeans, if I don't have any black shorts clean, with two rings and a lot of black and red bracelet's. Most times I just rip off my sleeves and also be barefoot so that way I can be free. 



I usually wear all black as I am a black wolf. I wear a black shirt, black jeans, if I am unable to wear my shorts, and usually I am barefoot and I rip my sleeves off of my shirts.

For my dog theriotype the main thing would be chokers. Other than that I guess just black clothing kinda gives me dog vibes? Oh- I also have this fuzzy soft robe/jacket thing and it really makes me feel doglike. I love it so much :LoveBone:

For my elf kintype, earthy colors and flowy clothes, sometimes leggings or tight shirts, and silver jewelry and crystals/gems. I've realized I don't have nearly enough elfy clothes and I'm looking to change that, haha. I usually go kinda punk/grunge or kinda kawaii or what I like to call "nature witch" but even that, I don't have enough of :'c I don't know why but it's hard for me to find elegant flowy clothes or earthy tones that I really think fit my style.



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I have lots of cat related accessories! I have a purse and a backpack that both have little cat ears and faces on them, which is a fun way to express my feline side. Those little cat ear headbands are great too! And of course there's also my collar~
I'll wear shirts with wolves on them, but it is more common to find me in clothes that are of the color a wolf's fur could be found in. Or colors of the forest like greens and tans. I am practically never found wearing brighter colors otherwise