what normal clothing makes you fell more like/closer to your therio/kintypes?

sweaters, clothes in shades of green and brown. I have an outfit that I especially love, a tan button-down dress with a dark green sweater and black doc martens. flowy dresses. overalls.


i usually wear over sized sweaters and hoodies to give me the feeling of being big and floofy like my lynx-kin, occasionally ill wear a pair of fursuit gloves that i made but i dont think that counts as "normal" clothing, or ill wear something light and flowy thatll make me feel close to my feathered dragon-kin, wearing a bathing suit or something silky makes me feel closer to my otter-kin
I wear a hair tie around my wrist to act like a seam for my dollkin
loose, black clothes for my draconic side, and full on black Goth/Punk style for my demonic side. Black shirt, skirt, spiked choker, platform boots, etc. For my kith, wearing fancy green stuff helps me with Remus, fancy black and yellow clothes+cape for Janus, and black hoodies for Shiggy. For wolfish times, I'll wear loose clothes, clothes that feel like fur, collars, ears (they're cat ears, but they work), and wolf shirts. Also, for demon shifts, I have wings.
Whatever I am, it's clothes with stars/night sky/space prints. I have a lot, and I didn't realize I have a theme until recently. I have one particular flowy button up that is a deep blue with stars on it that feels fitting for this, whatever it is.

For my q-fictionkin, a tee shirt and jeans is good, or button up shirts and jeans. For the shoes, converse or vans. I already dye my hair blue.

I don't really have kin in mind when I dress. But sometimes my outfit gives me ~feelings~
Only Jewelry and Tails.
Despite being a white Wolf, I find white to be a tacky color in clothing. I’m a man who wears pretry much only black, ironically.
Most of my wardrobe is black with a few other natural colors like tan, brown, and some dark greens. Right now I really enjoy loose longsleeve shirts and cargo shorts (or sweatpants). They're very comfortable but they also keep me warm, like fur.


Anything flowing and loose, or that covers our face. Having to wear masks has been an unexpected boon for us because it just feels right to be covered like that.
We've also got something that's like a combination of a cloak and hoodie- no sleeves and it's very long, but it has a hood and doesn't open at the front. Absolutely love wearing that, it does something to our apparent shape that's fantastic and lets us feel closer to ourselves.