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What powers do demons have?


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If there is any demonkin out there I'm curious to know!

The reason I'm asking this is because I recently got talking with a demon in the Fun and Games section when my other-hearted dragon tried to burn their face off, to no avail. Apparently her demon is fire-proof.

Do you guys have any other cool tricks up your sleeves?


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From what I've read, heard and seen about demons, they are often described or depicted as having the following powers:
  • Possession of people's bodies or souls
  • Parasitizing on people's bodies or souls
  • Devouring of souls or otherwise merging souls with themselves, often to gain power or strength
  • Mind control
  • Strong influence on people's minds
  • Shapeshifting
  • Strong psychic powers (telepathy, telekinesis, even teleportation, etc.)
  • Causing chaos and strife
  • Playing pranks
  • Inflicting diseases, physical injuries and mental torment
  • Destruction
  • Making pacts / deals with people
  • Making people aware of their problems / dark side, they can be very helpful when it comes to shadow work
  • Revealing and teaching knowledge to people
  • Protecting people and objects that are important to them
What fuels these powers:
  • Strong willpower
  • Strength, physical and mental
  • Resilience / Endurance, physical and mental
  • Persistent and stubborn
  • Rebellious and bold
  • Mischievous and individualistic
  • Quick thinking: Strategic, analytical and creative / out-of-the-box
  • High intelligence
  • Very wise, they know a lot
  • Charming and attractive
  • Good at deception, persuasion and manipulation
  • Good cognitive empathy / theory of mind (otherwise they wouldn't be able to manipulate so well)
  • Good at fighting battles or wars, physical and mental
It is interesting that demons are often associated with wisdom or the military. Catholic exorcists say that demons operate like an army, with ranks and all, and Goetias often include information on how many legions a demon has got, what the demon knows and what it can teach you.

But demons have also got weaknesses:
  • Power and strength may depend on possession, a host, souls, consumption of souls, blood, etc.
  • Weakened or disempowered by losing the possessed, hosts, souls or other energy source
  • Damaged by positive energy, the Light, God, religious objects, holy water, salt, and anything else that works against negative energy
  • Their powers and options may be limited because of a pact / deal
  • Arrogance (can make them underestimate others)
  • Cowardice ("Resist the devil and he will flee")
  • Easily angered or irritated (especially if people are disrespectful, dishonest or don't keep their word, which is very important to them)
  • Lack of emotional warmth
  • Too stubborn (sometimes it's better to back down)
It is said that holy water burns demons. In a YouTube video, a Catholic exorcist said that after being sprinkled with holy water, a demon screeched (through a possessed person) "Get that liquid away, it stinks of sewage and burns me!". It is also said that demons attract insects, especially flies, and other vermin when they infest a home. Moreover, animals get extremely frightened, protective or aggressive when a demon is near. And a YouTuber claimed that scratches inflicted by demons burn like hellfire and this burning lasts for hours. On top of that, demons are said to smell of sulfur and overall putrid.

What demons look like:
  • Shadow people, black smoke or black mass
  • Eyes are often pitch-black, red or yellow
  • Sharp teeth and claws
  • Common features are horns, bat-like or dark feathered wings, a tail, hooves and tentacles
  • Distorted faces (at least that's what a plastic shaman told me)
  • Sometimes they look like grotesque monsters, insects or jellyfish
  • Their auras are bright blue (according to Demonolators) or pitch-black (according to everyone else)
What demon's voices sound like:
  • Very deep / low
  • Commanding, demanding
  • Dominant, forceful, harsh
  • Hoarse, croaky
  • Growling, snarling, hissing, grunting
What demons often say:
  • "You are mine!"
  • "He / She is mine!"
  • "I want your soul!"
  • "Your soul is mine!"
  • "I am your worst enemy!"
  • "I will not / don't want to leave!"
  • "Worship me!" (According to Catholic exorcists)
  • "I am God!" (According to Catholic exorcists)
  • Generally their words are arrogant, blasphemous, obscene, vulgar or businesslike (According to Catholic exorcists)
Where demons live:
  • Hell
  • The Void
  • The Chaos realm
  • The realm of the dead
  • Deserts
  • In the deepest place of the ocean
  • Dark, chaotic or filthy places
  • Places where a lot of abuse, death or tragedy took place (ex. battlefields, abandoned hospitals)
  • Haunted houses
My sources on demons come mostly from Christianity, accounts of the paranormal and horror movies. It must be emphasized that in the horror genre, demons are strong and resilient so they can stick around for a whole movie or longer, and a threat is perceived as scary if it is hard to eliminate. Furthermore, there are other sources out there which might describe demons quite differently. For example, we've got the demon Katsumi on here, who is an observer and waits for something to happen.
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Finna Alsvartr

Wolf-Mermaid-Demon Thing
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Lighter is very thorough (they always are!). My demon is different in the sense that I am not necessarily *evil*. I'm more neutral, I don't take sides. I hunt monsters, Nephilim, and other spirits to ensure that there is a balance between good and evil in the world. I am meant to basically postpone the apocalypse for as long as possible by ensuring there aren't too many from either side roaming the earth.

I am fireproof, master of weapons, can identify any spirit/monster you show me, and can occasionally call upon my brethren to assist me


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I'm an angel, but I have experience here.

It depends on a lot of things... For one, what do you consider demons to be? Some consider them any evil/parasitic spirit, and some consider them a type of species (and these people generally think that not all are evil). I'll go for a more generalized approach here.

It also depends on the type of demon. From my experience... You're more likely to encounter lower level demons. I don't think more powerful spirits mess with any random soul, so you likely won't encounter any actual "big name" demon through ouija or in your home. A lot of spirits like to bluff to scare people.

Demons, as people typically think of them, rely on scare tactics. This is also where my experience comes in. I had a lot of poltergeist activity (that means stuff was moving around) and things escalated... They can move objects and also sometimes influence your mood. You may feel a sense of dread (I did) or you may feel irritable.

They can shapeshift. They tend to take on appearances of things that are either very scary to people (this changes with the times) or things that seem innocent and not suspicious. The entity I have dealt with first appeared as a shadowy figure. Overtime I began to see a more human form.

They can only possess you if you let them in (somehow). They can also put you in a trance or have some influence over your thoughts. They are drawn to darker energies, so places where tragedies have happened, abuse, and they are drawn to traumatized individuals due to their vulnerability and excess of negative energies.

They may manipulate you if you talk to them, and they may make themselves seem bigger than they are. They may threaten you, but this is to scare you and get you to comply.

In terms of species, it depends on the species. People generally refer to species as a type of demon if they have a lower "vibrational state" and they have a non-human appearance, but it's usually human like. This is too broad for me to cover.

Some people consider fallen angels to be demons. It depends on what beliefs you hold. They are evil in Christian lore, but in my belief they aren't evil. It would take a lot to make an angel evil. From my own understanding, fallen angels can come back if they genuinely want to. There is forgiveness and understanding.

...I also don't consider them a type of demon, but I have yet to fully define what that word means because it is so broad.


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Wow thanks for all the info! A question for... Mav? Is that what you go by by? Um anyway you mentioned Nephilim, and I have actually read a book series on them but I' not sure if it is entirely accurate... are they like the angel-blooded humans that fight monsters/demons?

Finna Alsvartr

Wolf-Mermaid-Demon Thing
Pansexual Pride
Wow thanks for all the info! A question for... Mav? Is that what you go by by? Um anyway you mentioned Nephilim, and I have actually read a book series on them but I' not sure if it is entirely accurate... are they like the angel-blooded humans that fight monsters/demons?
Nephilim in my book (so to speak) is a half-angel, half-human creature. Sometimes they can be good, other times evil. They're the angelic equivalent of a cambion (Half-demon, half-human). I hunt the evil ones and good ones alike simply because they really aren't supposed to exist and are hunted by humans anyway. Usually, I don't kill them, though. I'll just banish them to another dimension.

And yes, Mav is what I typically go by (short for Maverick, my new-ish name. You can still call me Finna, though!)


Demons can be anywher on the power scale. Useually relating to mind powers and possesion. Personally my aura is a jumbled mess of colors and chaos. I'm typically neutral or some form of chaotic alignment on a scale. Alot of demons seem mean at first but were pretty chill


Most of the demons I've encountered have a cold aura. It's an unnatural, bone-chilling cold that makes me feel like I won't ever be warm again.

Yesterday I re-watched The Conjuring and the three stages of possession, as described by the demonologist, are quite accurate in my personal experience.


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In my experience they are more like a type of species.
Some are extremely negative and bad beings but others are cool guys when you get to know them better.
And yes, they can be anywhere on the power scale.

I met a lot of different beings during the last ten years, including several demons.
Some of them became good friends of mine and others, well, are more likely the reason why I'm a celestial warrior~

And Lhyr, with whom I share my body with, can give the impression of being a bit unfriendly at first but when he get to know someone or begins to see someone as a friend, he is very chill, respectful and loyal, even caring.
But I assume it's more because he wants to protect me.