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What Should I do?


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I know this isn't an online diary, but I can't help ranting...

Yesterday, my friends made me wash the table at lunch. I was making a joke about not wanting to do it when my friend told me that I was just being lazy and that it's no wonder my mom hates me. 

Maybe this wouldn't affect me as much if my mom and I didn't argue so much, but it really hurt. Then I texted her just later tonight asking if she wanted to talk and she said no. I told her that I wasn't gonna take pity on her (she's always depressed and whining) and that she should learn to keep her complaints to herself. She told me that it was, "Just a joke," and that it, " I didn't really matter. " She also said that I was overreacting.

This is funny because just two weeks earlier, she told me that she hated it when people said she was overreacting. I responded saying that if she didn't like people saying that she overreacts, she shouldn't say it to other people. Then she started calling me a fake friend and that she wished I never came into her life... She then said that she never liked me (this person has a crush on me). The worst part is is that she thinks she's better than me because I said I liked her back. (Spoiler alert: I don't)

Then I told her to just shut up and stop texting me if she hated me so much. She then went to bed.

Guys, what should I do? I could just ignore her (like, not talk to her or even hang out her for forever) or I could choose to keep pretending. 




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For one, she sounds pretty manipulative and is making you miserable. I wouldn't hang out with her. Friends are supposed to be people you can trust who you enjoy being around, not people who make you upset and then act like they don't care. 

Secondly, personal stuff that's not really a community topic should probably go in a blog post. People do read each other's blogs here because they do show up in the unread tab. Go up to the top where it says Create, and click blog entry. 



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While I appreciate your need to categorize (and the advice), I put this here because if she reacts like this now, I'm scared how she'll react when/if I tell her I'm a Therian.

(Sorry I didnt put that part I was partially doing something and I didn't have time)



I wouldn't tell her any further personal details about yourself if I were you. She clearly doesn't have a problem using things she knows are sensitive topics to hurt you, so you shouldn't give her any more ammo to work with. I agree with Shezep that this person is a terrible friend to you, and if it's possible for you to safely do so, you should drop her. Block her on social media and your phone, and do not engage with her further. 

I've had friends in the past exactly like the one you described, and the best thing I did for myself was refuse to give them any more power over me. I said goodbye and blocked them, and most importantly- and difficultly- I had to stick to that. I couldn't unblock them to snoop, or ask other friends to find dirt on them, or continue to argue back. You deserve better than being hurt by this person.