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What songs (name one or two of your favorites) bring your kin-side to the surface?

No specific song, but Kraftwerk is an entire machinekin mood. Their entire aesthetic since the 1960s has been "we are robots and we are singing about technology, science, and the future." They even have this song where they're like "we are robots" and "we are man machines" (in German, of course).

The Glitch Mob and Basshunter (along with songs Basshunter inspired, basically 2007 trance eurovision edm) really put me in a machinekin mood as well.
Right now it's "Come As You Are" by Nirvana. It's mainly the intro lyrics that remind me of a shy wolf theriotype being invited to show his true form without shame or fear. I also just really like 90's grunge, like Nirvana, when it comes to shifting.