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What songs (name one or two of your favorites) bring your kin-side to the surface?

Beepy Data Center

Moderation Team
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No specific song, but Kraftwerk is an entire machinekin mood. Their entire aesthetic since the 1960s has been "we are robots and we are singing about technology, science, and the future." They even have this song where they're like "we are robots" and "we are man machines" (in German, of course).

The Glitch Mob and Basshunter (along with songs Basshunter inspired, basically 2007 trance eurovision edm) really put me in a machinekin mood as well.


I listen to a lot of rock, and always have, though recently I have found a few songs that really bring my wolf side out. "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails (VERY EXPLICIT, NOT MEANT FOR LITTLE EARS), "All My Life" by Foo Fighters (Somewhat explicit, much better than "Closer") and "Cut the Cord" by Shinedown (Clean but awesome song). These bring out the hunting- or fight-ready side, as they are high energy with a great beat, but other songs like "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day is a more chill one for me.
probably "Invincible" by Skillet and "Animal I have Become" by Three Days Grace

Polyphonic Minds

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Music is the primary thing connecting me to my fictotype, so this is a good question for me. Any Gorillaz song works. Especially The Now Now or The Fall. Theres also a few Plastic Beach songs.

(^^^^Murdoc actually wrote these, but they make me feel things.)

Here are songs written by 2D (my kin)... Also by Damon Albarn. It's kinda like what I sounded like, but not exactly it. When I listen to it I hear Damon Albarn. Not 2D.

Gorillaz - Souk Eye (Visualiser)
Gorillaz - Fire Flies (Visualiser)
Gorillaz - Amarillo - The Fall
Gorillaz - Revolving Doors - The Fall

Here's a newer song that I connect to...
Gorillaz - Aries ft. Peter Hook & Georgia (Episode Three)

I don't know if Song Machine ever happened in my canon. A lot of it is unfamiliar, especially the return to plastic beach. I don't feel comfortable sharing why, but there is something that happened in that life that would explain it. This song still resonates, though.

Finna Alsvartr

Wolf-Mermaid-Demon Thing
Pansexual Pride
Ok I know I started this thread but I gotta add something

Demonic vibes from the moment I heard it three years ago (Dad raised me right)

Disgustipated by Tool


I may be a Contherian but songs that I feel truly represent my fictotype are Semi-Automatic and Migraine by Twenty One Pilots.


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Asexual Pride
Bisexual Pride
'Wild Heart' by Beth Crowley

'I Will Wait' by Mumford & Sons (Focus on the music not the lyrics with this one. To be honest I don't actually know why this one brings forth my wolf but it just... does)