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What symbols do you like / are you drawn to?


Well-known member
Bisexual Pride
Asexual Pride
Transgender Pride
Stars and astrological symbols. I've always been drawn towards space and the imagery of stars. I have a feeling that I, as an angel, have some connection with stars, space, and the night sky. Also divination... Me being drawn to astrology makes sense. It is based off of the night sky and the way the sun, the moon, and the planets (formerly thought of as stars) move within it.

I've felt this way about myself since my (re)awakening, when I detached from the general angelkin community to form my own self understanding.

Of course I have to mention being heavily associated with owls and owl symbolism, but I'm not sure if that is the kind of symbol you are referring to.
A big one for all of us is the nordic rune Thurisaz, every time we see it it brings us comfort and fills us with a sense of bravery. We like drawing it on the sides of our books as well!


Active member
The most longevitous symbols for me have been the moon in various phases and night--stars, the creeping shadow in the under and midstory, the way lights in the forest make the tall trunks look like cathedral pillars. The world under dim starlight still has my heart.

Younger symbols are leaves and flowers, moons with filigree, etc. specific fruits, flowers, or non flowering stages of plants can symbolize months for me--or important parts of my life like falling in love or starting certain journeys.


Active member
I used to have a certain sigil on my wall to protect me from entities considering the house I live in now and in at the time was haunted as hell. I took it down and ripped it up because I was genuinely upset at the world, and it didn't end well working on drawing another one. Preferably a stronger one now.
Pretty sure it was the Triquetera.