what was you *insert X-files theme* Moment?


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Have you ever seen something odd? Like, that you can't explain easily? That would fit in with the X-Files, or perhaps the Twilight zone? Post it here. 

I have two. 

The first took place at my bus stop. My bus stop, you see, is at the bottom of a hill. As in, there is only one way up/down, and there is no loop around. Keep that in mind. So, every day while I wait there, around the same time, a white van would drive by. Not anything too strange, they're probably going to work. However, about one minute later, an identical van would drive by. Now, they could just have the same car, thats not out of the ordinary. But, one day, I decided to look at the driver of the first van. Nothing odd, looked like a normal guy. And then, the next van drove by. It was the same guy in that van... The really weird part? I never saw them again after that...

The second one isn't as complex but just as weird. My mom and I were downstairs sitting on the couch, watching tv. My dad comes out of the laundry room with laundry and goes upstairs to put it away. A few minutes later, my dad walks through the front door... he never came back downstairs, and denied ever going upstairs in the first place.....

So, what are your stories?



Oh, I've had plenty of these. Here's some:

  The stars blinking. The stars blinked one night recently. No, it's not the clouds passing by them - no, it's not me being drunk, high, hallucinating, etc., the stars here just blinked, and the bigger the star the clearer you could see it blink, like.. on and off, someone flickering a light switch. My grandmother could also see it, and so did my grandfather. It was on a night that the moon was surprisingly big and bright, more-so than usual, and when I noticed the stars were blinking I looked back at the moon to see a horrifically large cloud passing by it but because the moon was so bright it shone straight through it, as if the clouds were behind it, and then two bats decided to just come out of nowhere and dance in the sky. Lovely. There's probably a scientific explanation for the blinking stars but oml.
  Also, I don't know if anyone else has this, but whenever we have a starry night, some "stars" just decide to move. I think it might be jets, but I'm unsure why they'd have blinking lights and why those lights would be the same size as the stars. They just cruise the sky, and blatantly blink, making their presence very aware of. No sound, no trail, no shape other than the blinking light, and they usually cruise together in groups. Always on a starry night, never any other time from what I've seen.

  Scratching at the door - there used to be a regular occurrence that I'd hear some kind of animal scratching at the back door, and I'd think it was the dog, but nope, he'd come out of a room and be like "tf are you doing." It sounds like my dog scratching his paw on it when he wanted to be let in, or a raccoon deciding to bug me, something like that, but every time I took a look outside nothing was there, and no, nothing was blowing up against any of the windows or the door, but it was still a specific "claws against glass" sound. Stopped at some point, unsure as to why.

  There were knocks from the basement one day. It's a distinctive knocking sound, I think with a 6-knock pattern that you'd hear from a person. My grandmother suggested pipes knocking against the floor, but it only happened for one day outta nowhere, and definitely didn't come from the pipes as we found out - the knocks also sounded like they were specifically from a fist, they weren't anything that sounded like a pipe. The knocking stopped after I went to the basement with a flashlight and asked if there was anyone in there. Never saw anything out of the ordinary.
  Recently talked about it with my grandmother, and she admitted that it's happened before. Distinctive knocking one day that her kids heard coming from the floor. She thought it was also the pipes until she heard it for herself, and realized that it wasn't the pipes making that sound. She finds it really weird that we'd also hear it, and it apparently only happens at certain times.



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Well, an hour ago I've picked up a pot of soup from the fridge in my parent's apartment downstairs and had some for lunch. I'm pretty sure I didn't bring the pot back because I planned to do so later. But 15 minutes ago, my parents returned from shopping and the soup pot was again in the downstairs fridge. My parents claim that they didn't bring it back, and I can absolutely not remember I did it.

This is witchcraft, I say, witchcraft !!! Just why does it work when I don't actually intend to ? :biggrinderg:



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So, about three or four years ago, my cousin's grandmother (I'm not technically related to her) died from lung cancer.  I remember going to her funeral and everything.  That would be normal (maybe sad, but still . . . normal) if not for the fact that she's apparently still ALIVE SOMEHOW!!!

Nana Winnie.jpg

A few months ago, another of my cousins got married.  And at her reception, this "dead" grandma just strolls right in as though it were the most ordinary thing in the world.  And as far as I could tell, no one else remembers her death.  But I swear to God it happened!

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So one time I was crafting with a hot glue gun, and for context I always put a napkin under the glue gun
So I decided to start putting my things away or something, so I temporarily place it on the nearby counter
I grab the glue gun after some time so fast that the napkin fell under it
But that's the thing, the napkin didn't fall
The Napkin was just seemingly floating halfway from the ground
I even swat my hand around it, and it stayed for a few seconds then landed on the ground
My brother saw this too
When I was eight or nine I had one of those rubber bouncy balls parents hate, and I was bouncing it around the house as one does. I dropped it and it proceeded to start rolling across the carpet before I could get to it to pick it up. As I went to grab it as it was rolling, it disappeared right before my eyes. Just vanished. It wasn't a terribly brightly colored ball (translucent pale pink with glitter), but not nearly dull enough to just lose on the carpet, let alone have it vanish as I was looking straight at it. I remember stomping around to see if I could feel it with my feet, and I looked all over the room in case somehow my eyes had played a trick on me and it had actually just rolled away. Never found it, and I still occasionally think about it to this day. I haven't been able to come up with an explanation either.


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I have a mug that looks like a little white cat. My dad said it looked a lot like me once. No one in my family even knows I'm a therian yet he somehow thought a white cat looked like me. I can't explain it at all tbh...


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When I was younger (though not super young, probably early teens) I was out for a walk with the dogs with my mum. Walking through a forest which sadly doesn't exist anymore. But at the time it was a nice pine forest with a trail running thought it. It'd rained the day before and there were a lot of puddles around. We started making our way up a hill and the puddles started to flow into a small stream along the trail but... the water was flowing up the hill.
Me and my mum both saw this and stayed for ages looking at it, walking up and down to look at other areas and just staring at the water. It was weird!
I tried putting small leaves in to test the flow and yep, they'd start bobbing along up the hill (the air was very still so wind wasn't moving them).

We went back there many times afterwards but never saw this again, even in the exact same area if rain streamed there it flowed down the hill as you'd expect.
Very odd.


When I was in my early teens, I was clearing off the bathroom counter so I could wipe it down and clean the sink. I went to pick up a penny someone had left on the counter and without my touching it at all, it slid about two inches towards my fingers...still no idea how that happened, and I've never seen anything else move for no reason around me.
Well, these were explained later so they're not as interesting, but in the moment they scared me:
-In class. I had a can of soda, and it was cold and so it had condensation on it. I finished this can and left it on my desk until it was time to leave, I was going to throw it away on my way out. Well, the empty can suddenly scooted itself all the way across my desk for seemingly no reason. I stared at it like "did...did that just happen?" Some other people were staring at it too with the same look of shock. That's when I realized the condensation had formed a sort of miniature river on my desk, and the empty can had slipped on the water (the desk was slightly inclined.)

-At home. I had my desk right next to the front door, in this tiny house. I was finishing a paper or something when the front door suddenly opened wide. Nearly crapped myself. Turns out it was just the dog, she got out of her yard and had pushed the door open because it was loose.


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I once described my phenomena in a specific sub section of reddit to get answers...alas, not much came up, though it was interesting enough. I've had this same phenomena a few other times in my life so far.

I once dreamed of my chemistry professor before meeting her, many months later at the start of college. This dream was very specific, I remember all the details...but I must've also took it for granted. I've never seen this lady, I was in a lecture hall-esque setting....this was one of those dreams where I wake up and ignore it due to its randomness. I say the dream was trivial because I went to class every other day and sat watching her teach without a single thought in my mind. It wasn't until late spring when she did some type of motion with her hand while demonstrating the topic of the day that I literally had a "holy crap" moment.

It was so profound- almost in a 'how did I forget this' type of way. I've dreamed of this woman in this exact moment- I didn't even know she existed before I came here. She was just some random lady in my dream, so why was she standing here in front of me? I can't even describe it accurately as a Deja Vu feeling- I mean, how do you get a Deja Vu from someone you've never met or even seen before except for in a dream that apparently came to life?


I swear honestly that I've never seen her- not a picture on the internet, not in real life before hand...nothing. This still continues to be a mystery to me, and the fact that I remember the moment so well after these years..

Edit: I just want to emphasize the fact that I was sitting in class for a few months without realizing it was her until that exact motion she did.
My X-files moment was a premonition, but not your normal "imma do this thing in a day or two" thing. I had a dream, involving a future classmate who I would not meet until two years later. I'm starting to think he was my guardian, as he kinda popped into my life in the middle of a depressive episode in a class I was failing in...still think about it to this day.


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My X-files moment was a premonition, but not your normal "imma do this thing in a day or two" thing. I had a dream, involving a future classmate who I would not meet until two years later. I'm starting to think he was my guardian, as he kinda popped into my life in the middle of a depressive episode in a class I was failing in...still think about it to this day.

glad others experience this..


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I get those premonitions too, though they were more common when I was younger. It's always an exact random scene acting out in a specific way. @Vintage the part were you mentioned that you didn't even think about it until you saw a certain movement sounds like the same thing. I remember some of them, and others weren't really remarkable enough to stick. Usually I see them in dreams, but once while I was wide awake, just focused on something else.

Once I was in school doing a worksheet with a picture of a rocket in the corner. I was writing something, made a mistake, erased it and tried again.

Once I was in a room in a hotel and was talking to someone I couldn't see. There was a plastic cup on the night stand next to the bed with a certain cartoon character on it. (Peter Pan? Scooby-doo? I forget now.) Once I recognized the scene, I knew the other person wouldn't reply again because they were falling asleep.

Once I was watching TV and saw people standing outside an old church and a black guy said to a younger white guy, "I didn't know they let white boys dress like that." --This was the most remarkable one because I was staring at the same TV, playing a video game when I first saw the scene, so it must have happened almost instantaneously in real time because it didn't disturb my game. It stuck in my head because when would I ever think up a scene like that? A couple weeks later, my mom was watching an Elvis biography, and there it was.

I've also "heard things that people didn't say out loud." My mom was driving me to school and thinking about the errands she would need to run that day. I was kind of zoning out during the ride and half listening. I remember thinking, Oh no, she's going to do it again isn't she? Yep, there she goes. Out loud I said, "Don't call me (sister's name!)" She was so surprised she nearly got us in a wreck. She told me that she hadn't said anything out loud, but she had in fact thought the wrong name. She's the one who told me that story, but I remember knowing she was going to do it before she did it.

None of that is particularly life changing in itself, but the implications are pretty mind blowing. Is it comforting to think my life is already planned out, or is it an affront to the idea of free will? Have I ever really cared that much about free will anyway? I figure I just planned it out before I got here. Is the fact that I used to get more of these when I was younger indicative that only the earlier years were mapped out? Or is it a change in brain structure over time? Or, having proved the point, to myself if not anyone else, there's no need to keep doing it?

It also indicates that some part of my being may have jumped the temporal tracks, experienced another bit of time, and then jumped back, somehow bringing the memory of the experience with it. The brain doesn't quite know what to do with those out-of-context experiences so it files them away until they get triggered again. Unless they were unusual enough to jump into conscious awareness like the Elvis one. On that one I did consciously remember the first jump. As opposed to the others where I remembered only that I had dreamed it. It's possible I could have jumped into other experiences that never got triggered later because they aren't of this timeline.

And what about hearing thoughts? It's not something I would want to do on a regular basis. It's only happened enough to show me that it can happen. It shows that our minds are not as isolated as we think they are.

I also realize that I should be grateful that my mind is relatively stable, because regularly hearing things that people don't say and experiencing things outside of this timeline would make life very difficult.