What were your childhood toys?


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My parents are selling my childhood home and so the last items that belong to me I took to my new place and am currently sorting through. It’s been an emotional task, and it inspired me to ask what toys you guys had when you were young? Even if you’re still young (teen), chances are you don’t really play with the toys you had as a kid like you used to, so you can still answer this.

For me, it’s Breyer horses. I had other toys too, but I was obsessed with horses as a kid and my parents indulged that, which led to horseback riding lessons, as well as horse toys. Breyer horses aren’t reeeeally toys, in that they’re created as collectors items, but I used em as toys. Love the crap out of em too, which makes deciding which ones to keep and which ones I’m giving away that much harder.




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That certainly is a hard thing to do with all of the memories imparted on them, @Jethero. Granted it creates an interesting question too, that I admit.

For myself, as I have this information second hand from family due to remembering so little of my own youth, a great deal of my interests were in crafting or designing things. Apparently I was mechanically inclined and that was contrasted strongly by my affiliations and love for animals, namely felines, as well as nature and my tendencies to collect trinkets or symbols of things I enjoyed. While I cannot remember what constituted the collections beyond petty gemstones or badges from scouting or a few models, I absolutely do remember the state of emotions I had been in when I was forced to get rid of them. Fortunately, I too was also very inexpensive and had a love for boxes or parts with which to construct things or draw stories on.

Oddly enough now I have sort of repeated this habit in a more mature manner, such as my collecting fossils and replicas of my feline fascination as well as paleoart and related. I do have a few small models of various cats similar to the Beyer horses now and I can only imagine the struggle of choosing which to keep and which to donate.

@Jethero, that's quite the collection of Breyers.  My favourites as a child was a box of wooden blocks and a collection of plastic mechano.  I don't remember playing with them much, as I don't have many memories from that age, but I have been told they would keep me occupied for hours.  Both are long gone.



Honestly? My childhood main toys were the DS and the Wii and that stuff. I was a hyper child, and video games would keep me occupied. But other then that I would mess around with Pokemon cards and figures and even stuffed animals every once in a while.



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I don't remember playing with toys very much. Most of my play time was purely imagination-based. 

I did used to have a first generation MLP, back when Rarity was called Glory. Unfortunately one of my dogs tore it up. I had barbies and a cabbage patch doll, but honestly, I almost never played with them. My room was also a mess because I was the younger sibling and my room was full of toys that got handed down that I never asked for. That made cleaning a real pain in the butt. My mom once threatened to go into my room with a garbage bag to clean it out and I told her to go ahead and do it. She never did. 

Edit: Oh yeah, I had an atari 2600. I loved playing that because my dad would play it with me.  (Yes, I am that old.) 

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Stuffed animals always has and always will be my go-to toy (even if I don't play with them anymore and more-so collect them). I have over 300 stuffed animals and counting - I shall never stop, mwuhahah.
  Stuffed animals were my friends when I was younger, since I really couldn't make any human friends. The stuffed animals fueled my imagination and empathy, which is probably why I'm an animist and am a character and story creating machine. They kept me from being lonely and only helped me grow. I am forever thankful towards stuffed animals.

On top of that, I also played with other things, including regular ol' toys of all kind and things like Breyer horses and other collectibles. I could make just about anything into a toy and therefore a character (or important prop) of sorts, like a rock or piece of string.

Oof, where do I start.. I played with several stuffed animals when I was younger! XD  I had  so many!  Like over 50 SERIOUSLY (I was not spoiled btw lmao) and I also played wityh American Girl Dolls, and my doll house...  I also loved toy cars, and playing with remote control trucks lol



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Lets see, when I was younger? Oh, man. Littlest pet shops (bobble heads), dinosaurs of all sorts, Moshi Monsters (both the merch and the online game), pokemon figures, and lots of stuffed animals, most of which I still have. 



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If I was playing with my sister, we pretty much always went for the Star Trek action figures. If I had a friend over, it was usually dress-ups. If I was playing by myself, all I needed was my over-powered imagination, which I continue to cultivate by maintaining an active, elaborate, and involved fantasy life.

I still have all the Star Trek action figures and I still have a plush Orca that I've had as far back as I can remember even though I haven't kept many of my childhood toys.

 . . . and yet, I keep buying new ones. Especially plush coyotes. Normally I'll stop at one plush for any given kind of animal, but all bets are off when it comes to coyotes. I have six coyotes by now, and I think I'm about to order some more. I was planning, originally, to only have one coyote, but when a friend of mine sent me another coyote as a gift, the floodgates burst and now I have six coyotes. Six. Six coyotes.

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I had (and still have, she sits on a shelf in my bedroom now) a soft toy bunny which my gran made for me when I was a baby. I took her everywhere with me as a kid, we were inseparable.  :blepj:

I also liked playing with marbles... didn't actually play with them like marbles are meant to be played with though. I just liked the pretty colours they came in and how each one looked unique. I gave them names and personalities and they would go on epic adventures together or with my other toys.

And one of my favourite group of toys were the Puppy/Kitty/Pony in my Pocket toys. Puppy in my Pocket were my favourite, followed by the ponies and then the kitties. I had a house for them all to live in too. I remember it had a lift up to the roof which had a bone shaped slide for them to go down and there were stables out in the garden for the ponies. xD They make a new versions of in my pocket toys now which look a bit strange and I don't like them half as much. The old versions were much nicer.



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A lot of them were more like figures, when we were really young I remember we had this set of deer, I want to say the brand was Schleich, with a few other wildlife figures we liked to play with. When we grew older we played with more Pokemon toys and that was pretty big for awhile, and we're still a collector. We also had stuff like Bakugan and Beyblade but I don't know where our Bakugan are and I think we only ever had one Beyblade. We played with stuffed animals too and had mostly Webkinz and Beanie Babies, and we of course did online Webkinz. We also had a GBA and we played a lot of Pokemon games, which we later upgraded to a DS and then a 3DS.  

A fun fact though is we never played with any human dolls, apparently we once got gifted a playset and discarded the humans and played with the deer in the house. 

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Toy wise I recall so many! Really enjoyed going to the thrift store, toys r us, Disney store and other places to find "ones that wanted to come home with me". I enjoyed getting beanie babies, pokemon, k'nex, Lego, Bionicles, and additional stuffed animals! I also remember I got a toy set from blockbuster that had a lilo and stitch set, was my favorite for a long time!  



Mostly animals. I didn't care for gendered toys much, and instead focused on getting as many Schliech figurines and stuffed animals as possible 😂

Mostly stuffed animals, toy ponies and horses.  I played with hot wheels a little bit too.  I played video games and still do... It doesn't really count but it is still a toy kind of.  I also played with toy laptops.

I barely played with my dolls.  I thought that they were not that interesting.



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I always loved my stuffed animals. When I was younger I had a giant chest full of them. I also had a large collection of old beanie babies my mom passed down to me.  I don't remember ever giving them away, unfortunately I don't know where they are now. 

I also used to play with American girl dolls. My friend group was really into them, and we'd have American girl doll get together's. 

I used to play a lot with the old mlp and lps toys as well. I had quite the collection. I was a spoiled child. 

I still collect schleich figurines, and have a ton of wolf ones, lol.