Whatcha eatin?


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(What are you eating, written the way it actually sounds coming out of my mouth.)

I've got leftover sushi that no one around here finished. I hope I'll be okay eating 3-day old sushi, anyway. It seems okay.

That, and a bottle of Jarritos Mandarin. And a chocolate cupcake.

Think I'll have the last of the mashed potatoes from yesterday later.


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Heh, sounds a lot like Gareth then, funny.

Right now, I'm real tempted to eat the rest of that Mississippi Mud Pie I got, but it's 4:30am

[PLURALSYS=color_hue=218;Gareth]Don't see ya complainin. Got some meat feast pizza layin bout, I'll ave that[/PLURALSYS]


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A peanut snack bar thing from Costco, hopefully to be soon followed up by a real meal. Because obviously I eat lunch at 10 AM my time. As a homeschooler who doesn't have to be at school at the crack of dawn and thus SUPPOSEDLY SHOULD BE ABLE TO SLEEP IN AS LONG AS I WANT. *yells in the general direction of my mother*


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Last thing I ate was a huge bowl of porridge with enough sugar and chocolate sauce to negate the... porridgyness.

That's literally what my dinner was today.

Here we see a fine example of a human being eating a healthy, balanced diet. Round of applause, everyone.


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I just finished eating "Texas Caviar." It's a mix of various kinds of beans with bell peppers, mangoes, and a lot of vinegar. Probably other things, but I wouldn't know what all is in it. It's pretty good on chips, even though I don't like bell peppers.


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I just made some killer stir fry. It contained long noodles, those tiny corn-on-the-cob things, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, peanuts, and mushrooms. Skilleted it up with Kikkoman Stir Fry Sauce, peanut butter, and a small amount of salt.