Whatcha eatin?

Roasted fava beans are nice and crunchy. They're kinda like chips on the gnosh-o-meter, but they're beans and they technically count as a healthy snack. I was introduced to them as a snack by one of my coworkers today. You can find them on Amazon by searching for "roasted broad beans." ^_^
That quote went over your head didn't it silly.
A new import supermarket opened in my area recently and I got to go check it out today! Right now I'm eating these green tea snack cakes, they're like Little Debbie's except less sugary and the packaging is almost entirely in Korean. These things are good!
Another gem from my raid at the new import supermarket: They have these green tea latte drink mix powder things, they're in packets and there's a bunch in the box, and you mix them with hot water or hot milk and stir to dissolve the powder in it, and it's frikkin' delicious, guys. It works just like instant hot cocoa mixes, but it's green tea. Oooooh, that just gave me an idea: I'm gonna make a cup of cocoa, and mix in a packet of this green tea powder, and just a dibble of that Italian sweet cream sugar free creamer we always have in the house! This is gonna be amaze-balls!